Only 36 years ago our friends in Arendal Sailing club, Norway were discussing the future of windsurfing design. The general consensus was that it now would be challenging to improve windsurfing as the equipment already was so cool.

The Windsurfer One design had a a great concept, so did the Mistral Competition and most other boards available offered exciting One Design racing.

I went on racing for another 16 years, The LA Olympics on the One design Windglider and then the Pro windsurfing tour thereafter. The gear however seemed to become better every year and by the time Starboard was started in 1994, windsurfing boards generally were said to be fantastic. Looking back at the last 19 years boards and rigs alike have however again taken several quantum leaps and some may again believe that it is challenging to improve future windsurfing?

The past however has the tendency of predicting the future and incredible improvements are sure to come. Our Pro team has been bringing home 5 out of 6 last PWA manufacturers titles, proving that futuristic gear of today indeed makes a difference even for the most skilled riders.

My race DNA also likes to establish who is the best rider, not only what gear is the most efficient. My feet have quite possibly tested more different board designs than any other windsurfer's feet over the years? Yet I would love to participate in local One Design races with the Phantom 295 L. This design sums up much of all the great stuff one looks for in an allround board. If Windsurfing is going to make it for the 2020 Games, the Phantom class may be it's best bet?

Give it a try and and find out how much fun it is to race with friends.

Svein Rasmussen

President Starboard Co, LTD

“Svein Rasmussen is one of the most influential figures in modern Windsurfing. Following a successful career as a professional windsurfer, he changed tack to start Starboard in 1994 and created a company that has evolved into a clear leader in today's competitive board market. His innovations and trendsetting ideas are responsible for the introduction of short and wide board designs but far from resting on his laurels, he has plenty more ideas to expand and progress our sport” Windsurf UK