2014: our finest collection of boards yet. A consolidated board range refined for every windsurfing category and innovative in many new ways.

Key highlights of the year include the reintroduction of the slim Atoms and our big push with the new WindSUP Freeride. The latter, thanks to its clever Long Tail design concept, I personally believe can single-handedly take us back to the future, into a world of popular mainstream windsurfing, shared by friends and family together, planing and non-planing, on one single board (see page 50).

Our team based here at HQ in Thailand grows larger with the arrival of Project Managers Fabian McGovern and Antoine Lefebvre, who will be bringing lots of fresh ideas and new concepts to Starboard 3.0.

In the next six pages and throughout the catalogue are many more people who have contributed to Starboard 2014. We can't thank everyone enough for their support, inspiration and energy over the years.

It's been a fantastic journey and we hope that you, dear windsurfer, will enjoy reading our catalogue and discovering all the details of your favourite new board, whether you're riding waves, powering your paddle-board with wind or learning to windsurf for the first time.

Tiesda You
Starboard Brand Manager / Chief Designer

Remi Vila, head of Research and Development, with focus on racing, freeride, WindSUP and Inflatables.

Arnon Saisorn, Production manager and our key link between prototyping and production.

Antoine Lefebvre, Project Manager with emphasis on websites, product development and sales.

Fabian McGovern, Project Manager with emphasis on media communication, product development and team management.

Jaruk Thongpraeb, who hand-built our load cycle-testing machine that simulates repeated loads over a product's entire lifetime.

The CAD/CAM shaping machine, for shaping the foam cores of our prototypes.

The 3D printing machine, for prototyping footstrap inserts, slot boxes, fin boxes and other inserts.

The template plotting machine. for drawing out our shaping templates.

Our load-testing machine we use to analyse load/stress curves, yield and fracture points.

Toon Phaitoon Kaewhorrit, Ex Thanuphong Saisonthananant, Den Chomkokgroud, Chat Apichat Taewnade, Don Thongchai Phudansoong, master craftsmen and shapers in the Starboard workshop, producing the most accurate custom prototypes.

Arwut Sanpatchaya, Lei Angelic Abinan, KOLTdblack Nitiroj Chawalerswattanachai, graphic designers behind the board designs, catalogue and website productions.