Sarah-Quita Reports - 6 x PWA Freestyle World Champion!

It's official! Sarah-Quita Offringa claimed her 6th consecutive PWA Freestyle World Title in Brouwersdam by winning three out of three eliminations and showed exactly why she is considered the Queen of Freestyle. Undefeated since 2008, she has the skills to beat most men and the same number of titles as Michael Jordan! And she'll be back next year, competing in the three disciplines to get more titles to her belt... In the meantime, congratulations on that title!

Here's her report below:

"Just got back from the PWA Freestyle World Cup in Brouwersdam, Holland. This event was super nerve-wracking for me so claiming that first spot and with that my 6th freestyle World Title in a row was all the more satisfying!

I was really looking forward to this event because I have seen so many clips of the Dutch and Belgian sailors ripping at Brouwersdam. Until last week, I had only sailed there once or twice with minimal winds. But last week I experienced Brouwersdam in all its forms: sunny, rainy, super windy, light, wind from the South, North and the West. I loved it!

On the first day, I competed in the EFPT Tow-In competition with the boys. At first, I didn’t really feel like it because I was worried I would hurt myself but in the end it was a great experience. I managed to do 2 air funnels and in the end I crashed a burner. These three runs had me completely exhausted by the end of the day because of the adrenaline rush I got from being pulled by the jet-ski at high speed. My whole body was shaking after every run. It was epic!

The third day of the event was some of the most hardcore conditions I’ve ever competed in. The wind kicked in in the morning and kept increasing during the rest of the day, up to the point that around 7 or 8 PM, it was gusting between 45 and 50 knots. I had a bit of a problem that day as I didn’t have a board to sail on! I broke my 2013 Flare only two days before and was waiting to receive the 2014 Flares. They arrived about 50 minutes before my heat. Just in time! I only needed about 20 minutes to get used to them: they’re AMAZING! I landed my first triple flaka ever on my first attempt (not in the heat though...). My first heat was the best heat of the competition I think as I landed: a double a flaka, a shaka, a kono, a switch kono, then a funnel and a culo. Super happy with that!

I was already overpowered on my 4.4m² so I quickly moved down to my 4.0m² sail for the next heats. I was struggling to keep my energy up during the heat. Because of the wind, I needed to hold on so much stronger that my arms would start cramping. By the time I made it to the final against Yoli (de Brendt), the wind was so strong that the water was flying off the water, if you understand what I mean! Hehehe..! I was super focused though and sailed my heat so that I could land my moves safely: a funnel, a puñeta followed by a shaka, a switch kono, a double flaka and a couple of spocks finally got me that victory!

In the double elimination the next day, Arrianne fought her way up to 2nd place and was my challenge in the final. Just as I was getting in my wetsuit at 8 PM, they canceled for the day as it was too dark to judge. Thankfully, there was still some wind the next day to sail the finals. They had just finished the men’s in really light conditions and when Arrianne and I got on the water, the wind dropped completely... so they had to cancel again! From Thursday to Saturday morning we were the first heat on standby for wind. I really didn’t enjoy that as it made me really nervous... I really just wanted to get it over with! Finally, on Saturday, there was enough wind and we started sailing straight away at 9 AM. During the heat, the wind slightly dropped so I was underpowered on my 5.2m² and my new Flare 91. But at this point, I was super fed up from all the waiting and really determined to win that final. I knew that because of the relatively flat water, Arrianne and I were gonna perform similar moves so I made sure to duck my sail at the end of every move to get some extra points! I landed a funnel diablo, a grubby diablo, an e-slider diablo followed by a double flaka, two spocks and a kono. I was quite satisfied with my heat and then, when I heard I won, I was super relieved!

The plan for the rest of the day was to finish another single elimination and a double for the ladies. The wind dropped pretty much straight after that first final, switched about 180 degrees and kicked in strong from the Northwest, enough for me to sail on my 4.4m². At this point, I had friends and family for support and I was really enjoying sailing my heats! The wind was so unpredictable I was happy that my brother was there to help me rig and switch sails when needed. In the final against Arrianne, the wind had become really light again. Luckily, I switched to my 4.8m² right before the start but even then I was struggling a bit. This was a pretty safe heat for me but it was enough to win the second single elimination. For the double elimination, the wind never really kicked in and after canceling and re-sailing the first heats several times, the PWA crew finally decided to call it off... which marked the end of the event and another title for me!

People keep on asking me whether or not I get bored? I haven’t yet. Every year is a new year and the competitors have changed a lot over the past 8 years. Every year is a new challenge for me so winning that title still means a lot to me! It was great to have so many (16 in total!) ladies competing at this event and really hope they're as motivated as I am for next year.

All in all, I thought the Dam 7 Festival was a very well organized event with loads of activities besides windsurfing. I’m really happy to have been a part of it and I’m hoping we can return again next year. Now, my windsurfing-filled summer is over and I’m back in my study books! If all goes well, I should finish my Bachelors' in April. After that, I plan on focusing on all 3 disciplines (freestyle, slalom, waves) for the tour next year. Exciting future prospects!

Big thank you to my sponsors: Starboard, Gaastra, Mystic and Chris Benz. And a very special thank you to Fox Sports in Groningen for once again helping me out with boards!