Video - Tourists of the Sea: Episode 1

Tourists of the Sea is the latest Maui Nerds Production featuring Kevin Pritchard and Graham Ezzy...

Some words from Kevin:

Arroyo is not an untouched land, it just needs to be remembered. The side-off winds and rippable waves make it the most high-performance wave spots on the Californian coast.

For the trip, our idea was that Graham would film some and I would film some as well, taking turns sailing and filming. The only thing we learned is that he was a much better cameraman than I am. He has the patience to get the shot. I don't. I hate sitting on the beach, I hate watching and watching. Maybe it is something new in my mind, maybe it is something new with my filming, maybe it is something new in my sailing, but whatever it is, it sure brings me to realize that windsurfing is my favorite sport in the world...!

Anyway, we showed up at the beach like total windsurf pro tourists. Boards stacked on the roof, sails, masts, everything piling out of the car. The locals shook their heads as we got out, immediately started getting our boards off and shit flying everywhere. Just like a typical tourist.