Carbon is our lightest and stiffest construction. We use flat-laid filaments instead of woven filaments, making our Carbon significantly stiffer and lighter than regular carbon.

What's special? Boards that are jumped and boards that benefit from a more comfortable feel use Wood PVC sandwich on the bottom (we call it Carbon Hybrid).

The Carbon Wave Edition construciton goes a step further: we use a thicker T700 Biaxial Carbon grade on the deck, dual density, double sandwich PVC core on the bottom and a new uni-directional reinforcement carbon patch.

Boards that require maximum stiffness and responsiveness, typically racing boards, use single PVC core and carbon both on the deck and bottom (Carbon Reflex - see next page).

Advantages: lightest weight, stiffest flex for the best acceleration and crispest response. Strong yet comfortable.

*Throughout 2013, magazine tests have measured Starboard Carbon boards to be 200g lighter on average than the competition.

Developed by Jean Louis Colmas in 1984, Wood Technology became Starboard's trademark construction in 1995. Starboard's production Wood boards set the lead in lightweight sandwich technology then, weighing in at a kilo under the competition, yet with higher impact resistance. Today, boards from many brand follow with a similar yet heavier construction. At Starboard, Wood Technology remains a favourite for riders preferring more comfort, more control and that special, unique feel of an original Starboard Wood board.

What's special? All Starboard Wood boards use a full PVC sandwich core to form the deck. This makes it lighter, stiffer and stronger than other wood constructions that do not have a PVC sandwich core.

Advantages: Lighter than any other construction except Carbon. More impact resistant and more comfortable than Carbon.

*Throughout 2013, magazine tests have measured Starboard Wood boards to be 370g lighter on average than the competition.

A lightweight, stiff and crisp construction providing the highest performance value. TechnoraTM is a special type of high tenacity Aramid fiber with remarkably high toughness and impact resistance. TechnoraTM reinforcements, together with Kevlar®, Carbon and Wood laminates strengthen the skin, nose, and heel areas.

What's special? TechnoraTM boards always use full PVC sandwich core construction, both deck and bottom. We've added black pigment and kept the white paint finish to a minimum, to keep the weight down and to give the board a custom look.

Advantages: light weight, stiff flex, tough in the most impact critical zones. Easier to repair.

Carbon Reflex designates a racing construction that uses Biaxial T700 flat-laid Carbon both deck and bottom, combined with a 75kg/m3 density PVC sandwich core.

Some boards use 30° weaves, some use 45° degree weaves and others use a combination which also includes uni-directional (0° weave) carbon, to achieve tailor-made reflex response according to the boards' length, thickness and wind-range.

What's special? The lightest and most responsive feeling boards. Unlike ultra-stiff Carbon boards of previous generations, the Carbon Reflex flexes and responds to give a fast, efficient and comfortable ride.

New blue pigmented resin finish helps protect the epoxy resin and carbon fibres from UV light.

Advantages: our very lightest weight, with fastest flex for the best acceleration and crispest feel.

Maximum durability and value. Tufskin technology uses layers of 3-dimensional 400g glass mat wetted out with an expanding epoxy resin system that creates volume within the skin as it cures under pressure. This creates a thick, stiff, and durable sandwiched laminate. Wood reinforcements improve the board's rigidity and the deck's impact resistance.

Advantages:tough construction, more value, most durable.

Starboard's super durable and super tough technology designed for windsurfing clubs and schools. Its construction is similar to Tufskin, but with double the layers of 3D glass and an ASA skin shell.

What's special? According to testing by German SURF magazine in May 2009, Armour Tech is lighter and stronger than blow-moulded polyethylene boards like HiFly boards, and also has higher impact resistance.

Advantages: replaces blow-moulded polyethylene boards with something more impact-resistant yet lighter.

As Strong As Possible! Starboard's new technology uses a soft deck and soft rail construction, over a glass fibre shell that wraps around an extra-high density EPS core. A 3mm stringer adds extra longitudinal stiffness and a 0.6mm pine wood covers the back half of the deck for extra durability. The rails are finished in scuff-resistant, higher-density textured EVA.

What's special? It's strong! We've dropped 10kg steel balls from different heights. Regular boards crack at a height of 20cm. A.S.A.P. shows only a soft dent at heights of 100cm.

Advantages:super tough, affordable, safe and user-friendly.

Now also available in two options:

- Premium polished blue rail
- Durable EVA rail

Using super stiff drop-stitched 6" thick inflatable fabric, this technology is reinventing the inflatable windsurfer concept.

Combined with our proprietary FAST box and Clipperbox fittings, our new Inflatable collection is changing the game in recreational, school and club windsurfing. For their size and volume, no hard board can match their weight, strength and durability.

A full EVA deck covers the board to provide comfort and grip. Always inflate to 17 PSI for maximum stiffness.

Advantages:Technically the world's strongest, lightest and most compact technology, all in one.