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The World’s lightest windsurf board construction.

10% lighter, 30% stronger, UltraCore is a new mechanically superior sandwich core that allows the Atom IQ, Futura and Carve Carbon editions to become lighter yet keep the same strength and toughness as before.

An ultra-light uni-directional Carbon layer adds extra crispness and rigidity in the planing section of the board.

The Carbon Innegra rail band adds a rigid frame that brings further stiffness while increasing impact resistance along the sides of the board.

Starboard’s new technological breakthrough.



Starboard wave boards are built in Carbon Wave Edition with flat-laid filaments instead of woven filaments: stiffer, more effective and lighter than regular carbon weaves.

The deck, acting mostly under tension, uses T700 Biaxial Carbon at 45° for a responsive flex/reflex and for cushioned landings.

The bottom, action mostly under compression, uses a dual density, double sandwich PVC core plus a layer of 0.6mm Australian pine wood for maximum resistance to buckling.

Unidirectional triangular reinforcement carbon and Biaxial tough glass patches extends from the tail to the mast track to help against rail cracks.


Developed by Jean-Louis Colmas in 1984, Wood Technology became Starboard’s trademark construction in 1995. Wood Tech remains a favorite for riders preferring more comfort, more control and the unique feel of an original Starboard.

The Wood Reflex Wave Edition uses the same double sandwich, dual density layup as the Carbon models with the deck carbon layer swapping for a 45° Biaxial Reflex Wood: more feel and more flex.

The Wood Reflex used in freeride boards has a true 0.6mm Australian pine wood sandwich bottom with a full 3mm PVC Biaxial Glass sandwich deck for a light, crisp and stiff feeling none-sandwich bamboo-based boards can’t match.

A Carbon Innegra rail band adds a rigid frame that brings further stiffness while increasing impact resistance along the sides of the board.


Carbon Reflex designates a racing construction that uses 45° or 30° Biaxial T700 flat-laid Carbon on the deck combined with a dual density PVC sandwich core and ultralight unidirectional Carbon on the bottom.Some boards use 30° weaves, some use 45° degree weaves and others use a combination which also includes unidirectional (0° weave) carbon, to achieve tailor-made reflex response according to the boards’ length, thickness and wind-range.

Carbon Reflex are our lightest and most responsive feeling boards. Unlike ultra-stiff Carbon boards of previous generations, the Carbon Reflex flexes and responds to give a fast, efficient and comfortable ride.


3DX stands for three-dimensional Biaxial Glass micro-sandwich construction.

Both deck and bottom are wrapped in 45° Biaxial Glass fiber wetted out with an expanding foam epoxy cured under high pressure. The Biaxial Glass gives a crisp, stiff feel with flex for choppy conditions. The foam epoxy creates a 2mm skin thickness for a micro-sandwich effect: tough and strong.

A unidirectional glass stringer in the nose stiffens the board for an extra crisp feel. A 0.6mm Australian pine wood flat-stringer on the bottom brings shape stability, a stiffer feel again and high resistance to buckling under compressive loads.

The 3DX result: durable tough boards that feel crisp, sharp and fast on the water.


Maximum durability and value.

Tufskin technology uses layers of 3-dimensional 400g glass mat wetted out with an expanding epoxy resin system that creates volume within the skin as it cures under pressure. This creates a thick, stiff, and durable sandwiched laminate. Wood reinforcements improve the board’s rigidity and the deck’s impact resistance.

A full EVA padding covers 3/4 of the deck for added comfort.


Starboard’s super durable and super tough technology designed for windsurfing clubs and schools. Its construction is similar to Tufskin, but with double the layers of 3D glass and an ASA skin shell.

According to testing by German SURF Magazine in May 2009, Armour Tech is lighter and stronger than blow-moulded polyethylene boards like HiFly boards, and also has higher impact resistance.


Deluxe and AirPlane Inflatables use a 6” thick drop-stitch core for maximum stiffness and performance. The Zen models use 4.75” thick drop-stitch for a lighter weight.

All Inflatable techs include a double layer rail construction: an inner air-tight rail band covered by a thicker, more durable outer rail band.

The Deluxe outer rail band includes a stiffer, lighter Carbon hybrid band in the mid-section for added stiffness.

A parabolic compression band and a full-length central stringer finishes the construction, defining the rocker of the board and preventing twist.

The new Rail Edge tech combined with our proprietary FAST Box and Clipperbox fittings, the new Starboard Inflatables are changing the game: for their size and volume, no hard board can match their weight, strength and durability.

Technically the world’s strongest, lightest and most compact technology, all in one.