Congratulations to all our world champions and team riders winning events the world over. They ride production boards made from plant based resin, indicating the future of innovation quality.

So Starboard is now raising to the challenge of protecting our oceans in the only way we know, with innovation and quality. Besides introducing plant based resin in all boards, other than AST and 3DX, and using  bio based packaging, eliminating plastic film altogether, we work on shifting deck pads and inserts to recycled materials as running changes throughout the year. We have also managed to reduce the carbon footprint of our UltraCore materials by some 30% since last year.

Over the last few seasons we have been involved in the Thor Heyerdahl Mangrove Park in Myanmar. For each Starboard sold we plant one  mangrove tree , absorbing up to 1 ton CO2 over 20 years while and also  creating an efficient coastal heavy weather  protection shield  for the nearby low lying  villages.

Want to protect what you love? Get on board.

Please contact us on any ideas you may have on recycling and use on non petroleum based raw materials:

 Svein Rasmussen


Our Partners:

  • Parley


    The space where creators, thinkers, and leaders come together to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans and collaborate on projects that can end their destruction.

  • Mangroves


    For every Starboard sold, one mangrove tree is planted in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar, each absorbing up to 1 ton CO2 over 20 years.

  • Deep-Blue-Life


    The catalyst that transforms surf culture into a powerful force for protecting the ocean playground.

  • WaterTrek

    WATERTREK Foundation

    Allies discovery, encounters and sharing. On the water we come together in awareness to remember that while we are caught up in this consumer and materialist world, water is our most precious resource.