2014 Black Box 107: In shops now!

Following the worldwide success of the Black Box 87, Dany Bruch and Starboard Windsurfing are now proud to announce the release of its bigger sister, the Black Box 107, now available in shops worldwide!

At 107 liters, it offers that extra buoyancy for bigger riders without losing any of the characteristics it is known for: self-generated speed, carving and looseness on the face of the wave.

“The board is big, yes, but it is special. I have to say that on this board I had exactly the same joy feeling that I had when the original Black Box started to work… It was fun, fun and fun! I reckon this is exactly what the bigger guys out there need: something they can float out on when the lighter riders are on their Black Box 87s…”

– Dany Bruch

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