Florian Jung joins the Ecoboard Project

Florian Jung joins forces with Starboard to work on the Ecoboard Project with the goal to produce boards with minimal impact on natural resources and maximum performance on the water.

“We are stoked to see Florian Jung joining the “Tiki tribe”. We are busy designing, building and testing more environmental friendly products. Florian is already engaged in environmental work and we see him as a strong partner in all aspects. Looking forward to build boards in the future with less than 100 kg/CO2 carbon footprint and planting lots of mangroves to make up for the remaining parts.”

– Svein Rasmussen

“I am really happy to be part of the Starboard team and help to produce boards out of renewable, recycled or biodegradable materials that will set new standards in terms of performance and innovative board design. It feels great to make a step in the right direction by protecting the planet and the ocean that are the foundation for our sport. Finally we have a choice to ride on sustainable products that will have positive effects even beyond the windsurf world.”

– Florian Jung