PWA La Torche World Cup Grand Slam - Event Summary

Matteo Iachino champion of the world for first time in career

With the wind failing to co-operate on the final day of racing in La Torche, Matteo Iachino’s agonising wait was finally brought to an end just before 2 PM this afternoon — meaning that the Italian is officially the 2016 Men’s PWA Slalom World Champion.

Men’s Slalom

From the five results gained this season, Iachino triumphed on three occasions — firstly in Ulsan, South Korea before claiming further success in Hvide Sande, Denmark and Sylt, Germany and with no wind in France there was no chance for Pierre Mortefon to deny the Italian.

Iachino led the title race until the final event of 2015 and will be delighted to have written the record straight just one year later and in doing so completes his life long dream of becoming world champion — the first of many? The 26-year-old also brings Antoine Albeau’s dominance to an end as this is the first time since 2012 that Albeau has not finished the season as the slalom world champion. Could this be the start of a new era?

Upon realising his dream Iachino added:

“It’s been a long and stressful wait. It’s not like there was no wind and the conditions were right on the edge at times. For me, it was the worse situation imaginable — particularly on the last day. I can’t even put into words how stressful last night and today have been for me, but to finally be standing here as the champion is more than a dream come true. I can close a chapter of my life and move on from here. It’s absolutely amazing. I think it’s going to take a bit of time to properly settle in.”

Pierre Mortefon finishes the year as the vice-world champion for the second year running and it seems only a matter of time before the Frenchman will go one better, but he will have to wait until next year to do that now.

2016 proved to be Ross Williams’ most successful year to date with the Brit finishing on the prestigious overall podium for the first time in his career. Over the year’s Williams has narrowly missed out by finishing fourth overall on several occasions so will be delighted to deservedly finally claim his place in the overall top three.

Julien Quentel just misses out in fourth place with Albeau fifth. Meanwhile, Taty Frans records his best result so far on the PWA Slalom World Tour as the Bonairean improves on his previous best result — ninth in 2014 — by three places to finish 6th this season.

The top ten is completed by Argentine Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, France’s Cyril Moussilmani, Italian Andrea Cucchi and Israeli Arnon Dagan.

Ethan Westera continues to develop and is one of the brightest emerging talents on the tour and the 19-year-old finishes 2016 as the PWA Youth Slalom World Champion.

Women’s Wave

With no result being gained in the waves and with the Moreno Twins not attending the final event of year in Maui — Iballa Moreno was crowned the Women’s PWA Wave World Champion, earlier in the week, for the third consecutive year with Daida finishing second as the Moreno Twins continue to dominate the waves. Iballa added:

“I’m really stoked to have won one more world title. It’s a dream come true for me. We were a bit unlucky with the conditions here, but I’ve still had a fun week enjoying the waves and I hope to come back again. I’m also really happy to share the podium again with two amazing girls — my sister Daida and Sarah-Quita. I’ll keep training over the winter and hope to be on the podium again next year, so let’s see what happens in 2017.”

Sarah-Quita Offringa completes the overall podium for the second consecutive year and is slowly closing the gap on the Moreno Twins. The Aruban gem will now look to end the season on a high in Maui, but has already had a fantastic season consisting of two world titles and a third overall.

Men’s Wave Title Race

Victor Fernandez is one step closer to a second world crown with no result here meaning he is almost un-catchable. However, mathematically Alex Mussolini can still deny his fellow countryman, but only if he wins the NoveNove Aloha Classic and Fernandez finishes fourth or worse.

Where’s Next on the PWA World Tour?

In just two days time the final event of the 2016 PWA World Tour will be held in the windsurfing Mecca of Maui with Ho’okipa Beach Park playing host to the world’s finest wave sailors once again. The men’s world title is on the line, as well as the prestigious NoveNove Maui Aloha Classic titles for both the men and women. Make sure you tune into PWA World between the 31st of October until November 13th to follow all of the radical action as it happens via the PWA live stream.

Overall Ranking 2016 Men’s PWA Slalom World Tour:

1st Matteo Iachino
Pierre Mortefon
3rd Ross Williams
4th Julien Quentel
5th Antoine Albeau
6th Taty Frans
7th Gonzalo Costa Hoevel
8th Cyril Moussilmani
9th Andrea Cucchi
Arnon Dagan

Overall Ranking 2016 Women’s PWA Wave World Tour:

1st Iballa Moreno
2nd Daida Moreno
3rd Sarah-Quita Offringa

Current Ranking 2016 Men’s PWA Wave World Tour:

1st Victor Fernandez
2nd Alex Mussolini
3rd Thomas Traversa
4th Jaeger Stone
Robby Swift
6th Dany Bruch
Marcilio Browne
8th Leon Jamaer
9th Alessio Stillrich
9th Antoine Martin

Day 9: The title race all boils down to tomorrow, but will it be Iachino’s or Mortefon’s day?

The waiting game for the slalom fleet continued on the penultimate day of the 2016 La Torche PWA Grand Slam, but on a positive note the sunshine did at least return after a few days of heavy cloud and mist.

During the afternoon a fun SUP Race was hosted to keep the crowds entertained, but the real focus is heading into the final day, which could yet see a dramatic late change in the title race.

Slalom Title Tension

The agonising wait for Matteo Iachino continues with the forecast for tomorrow still offering a slight chance of wind with 11-14 knots predicted during the morning. The Italian is on the verge of collecting his first world title, but will have to endure one more nail-biting day. A 4th place finish would guarantee Iachino the title, but in conditions that are likely to be light and tricky anything can still happen and Pierre Mortefon will be chomping at the bit to squeeze in at least one more race as this will be his only opportunity to deny Iachino at the final hurdle.

Fight for Third

Meanwhile, the battle for the final place on the podium could also see a tense finale. As things stand Ross Williams is on course to complete the prestigious podium, but he still has Julien Quentel on his tail. Just 33 points separate Williams and Quentel — the equivalent of one place — but due to count-back Quentel must beat the Brit by at least two places once in the top 16 to take third.

With tomorrow being the final chance the sailors will meet at 8:30 AM for the skippers’ meeting with the action commencing from 9 AM (GMT+1) — if conditions allow. Make sure you tune into PWA World to keep up to date will all of the latest developments on the final day.

Day 8: A look into NorthSails’ new 3Di moulded wave sail with Raoul Joa and Klaas Voget

With the light winds continuing on Day 8 of the La Torche PWA Grand Slam we caught up with Raoul Joa and Klaas Voget to find out more about NorthSails’ new moulded sail which they are currently developing.

Joa has been involved with NorthSails for the last 25 years and is heavily involved in all aspects of the company — namely as their product and line manager as well as also being involved with marketing — and with a wealth of experience his is the driving force behind the company.

PWA: Can you tell us a little bit about the new sail you are currently developing? The technology you are using? and how it compares to what else is already available on the market?
“We call it a concept series because it’s going to be very limited in terms of quantity. It’s going to be a very expensive product, so it’s not a product for the masses – at least to begin with. However, it’s important to understand that this is not a marketing ploy as the technology is proven as we are using the same technology as NorthSails use in their America’s Cup racing sails.

The technology is called 3Di and has had millions of pounds invested in its development. This is a progression from 3DL technology, which was invented 10-15 years ago. At this time our racing sail — the IQ then — was made using this technology. Nowadays there are several brands that have sails that look very similar to this 3DL technology. This technology is called membrane technology — basically it is a 2D version of 3DL. It’s not a 3-dimensional mould, so it is a flat sail where the shaping is put in, in a traditional way (over seams). This is still a high tech product, but NorthSails discovered some disadvantages with this technology even with the 3DL version, which is why we chose not to use this membrane technology because to create such a light sail you have to radically reduce the film thickness…

The easiest way to describe the 3Di technology, which we are exclusively using, is that it is a laminated sail. It’s made in exactly the same way as the shell of a board, as a windsurfing mast and a carbon boom for example.”

PWA: What is prepreg?

Raoul: “Basically you put single fibre chords next to each other onto a piece of backing paper and then resin gets applied — the key here is that it’s a computer and hydraulic press controlled process giving precise control of how much resin goes into the fibres. The problem with this is you can only do this to a certain thickness because the fibre chords have a certain minimum thickness.

Klaas Voget gives his feedback on the early prototypes: “My initial impressions are that the 5.0m² felt super powerful and that the material delivers instant power, but on the other hand, once I was powered up I was surprised that I was not as overpowered as you would think. I think the material has quite a big range of use, but it is also still very early in the development stage, so we need to carry out way more testing.

In Maui, me and Victor will be testing a couple more protos and working together with Kai, who had learn the sail making from scratch for the 3D stuff. By giving him feedback we can control the exact shape of the sail and how many layers need to be used to reinforce certain areas to control the shape of the sail. On a traditional sail this would be done by using things like mini-battens or kevlar lines to control stretch. Now we can just apply another layer of this tape material and we’ll be taking it step-by-step over the next year or so.”

When are you hoping to have the first sails available to buy?
“At the moment we are hoping to have the first sails available to buy around February 2018.”

PWA: Thanks Raoul and Klaas.

The forecast shows a small chance of racing in light winds tomorrow with 8-11 knots easterly winds predicted in the morning. The skippers’ morning will be held at 10 AM tomorrow morning with the action commencing from 10:30 AM (GMT+1) — if conditions allow. Make sure you tune into PWA World to stay up to date with all the latest developments.

Day 7: Iballa Moreno crowned the 2016 Women’s PWA Wave World Champion

Today was the final day of the wave event, but unfortunately, the wind and waves failed to play ball again with the weather remaining extremely misty and cold throughout the day.

With it not being possible to gain a result here the men’s wave world title will now be decided in Maui, Hawaii at the NoveNove Maui Aloha Classic which kicks off on the 31st October. Alex Mussolini is now the only man who can deny Victor Fernandez a second world title, but in order to do so, he will have to win the event and hope that Fernandez finishes 4th or worse.

In the event of a Mussolini win and Fernandez finishing fourth the two sailors would then be tied on 6,201 points. At this point, the title would be decided with a nerve-racking sail off — if there are suitable conditions. Otherwise, Mussolini would technically win due to winning the final event of the year.

With Iballa Moreno and Daida Moreno not attending the final event of the year in Maui, the women’s top 3 is officially decided with the Twins too far ahead of Sarah-Quita Offringa, who completes the overall podium for the second year running. Iballa has won the Aloha Classic for the last two seasons but will be traveling to Fiji with the aim of becoming the SUP World Champion for the first time.

After finishing third in Pozo, Iballa fought back by winning the next two events to claim her third consecutive world title — eighth overall — and had this to say after being crowned the 2016 World Champion: “I’m really stoked to have won one more world title. It’s a dream come true for me. We were a bit unlucky with the conditions here, but I’ve still had a fun week enjoying the waves and I hope to come back again. I’m also really happy to share the podium again with two amazing girls — my sister Daida and Sarah-Quita. I’ll keep training over the winter and hope to be on the podium again next year, so let’s see what happens in 2017!”

Meanwhile, Daida finishes the season in second place, so she will have to wait until next year to try and add to her 18 world titles. Between them, the Moreno Twins have now amassed an incredible 26 world crowns.

The forecast looks light again for tomorrow so the skippers’ meeting for the slalom fleet has been called for 10 AM (GMT+1). Stay tuned into PWA World to keep up to date with all the latest developments from La Torche.

Day 6: Dieter Van der Eyken takes victory in Tow-in Final

High pressure continued to dominate on Day 6 of the La Torche PWA Grand Slam meaning the wave fleet remained on hold again, while the men’s slalom fleet registered for their final event of the season between 10 AM-11 AM.

At 4:15 PM the tow-in final featuring — Dieter Van der Eyken, Leon Jamaer, Amado Vrieswijk and Sarah-Quita Offringa was held in wall-to-wall sunshine and waves of a more appropriate size to allow the sailors to really show what they can do.

Each sailor was given two consecutive attempts, before being given one final opportunity to land their biggest moves. After winning yesterday’s qualification Dieter Van der Eyken proved too strong again as he claimed the victory by landing a stalled pasko and a sick tabletop forward to earn 14.65 points. Van der Eyken had this to say after winning the tow-in: “I’m very happy to win. It’s always difficult competing against Amado and Leon landed an amazing jump, so I was a little lucky he didn’t get a good backup jump. I think it was also good to see such a variety of jumps and I was very happy with my first two efforts, but not so much my last crash haha.”

Amado Vrieswijk finished in a narrow second place as he missed out by just 0.15 of a point after accumulating a total score of 14.5 points after landing a pasko and a culo. Meanwhile, Leon Jamaer completed the podium. The German recorded the highest scoring move with a radical one-handed pushloop to earn 9 points, but had to count a 3.125 point ponch in the opening round. Sarah-Quita Offringa finishes the tow-in in fourth place with a ponch being her best move of the day.

High pressure looks as though it continues to dominate for the next two days, but there’s the possibility of some racing on Friday and Saturday with stronger easterly winds currently forecast. The skippers’ meeting for tomorrow will be held at 10 AM (GMT+1) for both fleets. Make sure you tune into PWA World to stay up to date with all the latest from La Torche.

Day 5: Dieter Van der Eyken wins tow-in qualification

The swell continued to pump on Day 5 in La Torche with the biggest waves of the week so far, but there was barely a breath of wind on offer meaning the main contest remained on hold for another day.

During the afternoon a tow-in contest was held to keep the crowds entertained, but it proved quite challenging, to say the least, with the massive set waves causing carnage — eventually resulting in the jet ski being overturned, which led to a delay meaning the final will be completed tomorrow.

The sailors were given two opportunities each to land their best maneuver and Dieter Van der Eyken racked up the highest points of the day – 8.93 points – with a sick pasko to qualify in first place ahead of Leon Jamaer who landed a perfect ponch; Amado Vrieswijk who landed an air flaka and the final qualifying place was claimed by Sarah-Quita Offringa who advanced with a one-handed ponch.

Tomorrow is the first day of the slalom and they will be registering between 10 AM – 11 AM tomorrow morning. The skippers’ meeting for the wave fleet will be held at 10 AM (GMT+1) tomorrow morning, but realistically it looks like being another lay day with almost zero winds forecast. In the event of no wind the tow-in final will be held at 4:15 PM. Make sure you tune into PWA World to follow all of the action live via the live stream.

Recap of Slalom Title Race

The PWA Men’s Slalom World Tour will reach it’s climax here in La Torche and after five hard fought events only two sailors remain standing in the fight for the 2016 world title — Matteo Iachino and Pierre Mortefon. By the end of the event there will be a brand new world champion with both sailors trying to achieve a maiden world crown.

To Iachino, this scenario will feel all too familiar as the Italian entered the final event of last year holding the lead as well but seemingly cracked under the pressure in New Caledonia. However, having being faced with this position once already he should be much better equipped to write the record straight and earn his first world title. Iachino’s latest victory in Sylt has given the 26 year old some additional breathing space with Mortefon only managing a 9th place finish in Germany.

Title Race Scenarios

Matteo Iachino is guaranteed a minimum points total of 10,203 points for the season as he currently has a 7th place discard. This means even without sailing Mortefon requires a top 3 finish to deny the Italian as 4th (2001 points) would only bring Mortefon level on 10,203 points — the Frenchman would then miss out on count-back for the second successive season.

— In the event that Mortefon was to:

– win the event, Iachino would need to finish 4th or better to secure the title
– finish 2nd, Iachino would need to finish 5th or better to secure the title
– finish 3rd, Iachino would need to finish 6th or better to secure the title

— All other scenarios would see Iachino crowned the 2016 PWA Men’s Slalom World Champion

Day 4: Title race run-in with the Moreno Twins

Day 4 of the La Torche PWA Grand Slam saw another early start, but unfortunately, the competitors were greeted with offshore winds and almost zero swell first thing. The waves did improve during the late afternoon, but the wind remained bolt offshore before dropping meaning it was not possible to start the contest today.

While waiting for the wind and waves we caught up with the Moreno TwinsIballa and Daida who currently occupy the top two places in the women’s wave world rankings. As things stand, Iballa is on course to win her third consecutive world crown, but that could all change if suitable conditions present Daida with a chance to win the event. At this point the title race would be decided in Maui.

Title Race Scenarios

Victory in La Torche would guarantee Iballa a third consecutive world title, however there are still several world title race scenarios:

— In the event that Daida wins and Iballa finishes second here, then Iballa would require a top two finish in Maui with Daida third or worse in order to defend her world title.

— In the event that Daida was to win and Iballa finish third, then victory in Maui would still guarantee Iballa the title. In this case, Iballa and Daida would finish level on 8,334 points, but Iballa would win having beaten Daida more times this season.

The Moreno Twins on the title race run-in and being at the top for the past two decades:

PWA: You’ve both dominated the waves for the last two decades… what keeps you motivated to keep competing?

Iballa: “Being in the water is my passion. Until that passion goes away I will have the motivation to be in the water every day. I love going sailing when there is wind and trying to improve every day. Competitions are only a small (but very important) part of all the preparation. As long as we have the help from the industry and sponsors we will continue training, travelling and making videos as long as we can to promote the sport and enjoy the best life we could ask for.”

Daida: “I can only say that I keep motivated because I love windsurfing and I love to always try and become a better wave sailor, especially freesailing. Competition can be really unfair sometimes, but that’s also part of the game. I don’t love competing, I love windsurfing.”

PWA: Do you still get nervous about the title race as it’s something you have both experienced so much?

Iballa: “It’s always exciting when it comes to the title race but to be honest I’m just happy to say that it looks like we will be crowned world champions for the 26th time since 1999. No matter who will be the WC, we will go home with first and second place. For me, this is truly amazing.”

Daida: “I actually don’t get obsessed about it at all. As I said previously, I would like to win once again after my illness, so I can turn a page in my life and prove to myself that I can be at the very top again. Second place is also good due to circumstances. I am sure my time will arrive one day if I continue focusing and training. It was really hard to come back after chemotherapy and just now I start feeling 100%.”

Daida also added the following when speaking about the title race and waiting for conditions:

“The waiting game can be really frustrating, especially looking at the forecast as it is not really looking promising. To be on tied points with my sister is always a good thing though, Iballa has been working hard and standup paddle has had helped her in windsurfing too. I started better last year with two, first places, but this year I was really unlucky in Tenerife losing in the last minute. Sylt was a bit bad as I had better scoring heats in the quarters and semis, but in the final against Iballa I couldn’t put together my wave riding.

Somehow, since I was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago, I have only won the world championship in waves once in 2013, losing the rest of the time (2012, 2014, 2015 and it seems like 2016 too) but I have still been able to keep second place. As previously mentioned I would like to win again one day, just to prove myself that I have managed to overcome all the bad things that I have been going through in recent years.

I will continue focusing on my training, working as a physio while I continue my formation, staying fit, eating well and having my medical checks on time. I will try to give my all again in 2017. For now though the waiting game continues here in France.”

Iballa and Daida: “Also thanks to our sponsors:, Starboard, Severne Sails, Volkswagen Comerciales and Maui Ultra Fins.”

PWA: Thanks, Iballa and Daida and all the best for the remainder of the event. You can stay up to date with all of the Moreno Twins’ latest adventures via their social media networks: Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo.

The forecast for tomorrow is for light south-southeast winds and a 2.3m swell at 16 seconds, which could again lead to float and ride conditions with a much better wind angle. The skippers’ meeting has been called for 8:45 AM with the action commencing from 9:15 AM (GMT+1).

Day 3: A lot of fun, but no official games

The early skippers’ meeting didn’t pay off this first thing this morning as extremely light winds greeted the crew and the sailors. However, with the long period swell continuing to pump there was still potential later in the day with the wind forecast to swing slightly more south — less offshore.

Around 1 PM the wind picked up and Klaas Voget was the first sailor to sneak out on to the water, quickly followed by Camille Juban and Philippe Mesmeur.

The German tucked into a couple of waves, which teased more of the fleet out on to the water, while also prompting Head Judge, Duncan Coombs, to try and begin the qualification round.

The sailors in the first heat of the qualification round — Diony Guadagnino, Alexandre Grand-Guillot, Justin Denel, Clement Bozec — were given 35 minutes to try and find their best two waves, but about half way through, the heat was cancelled due to the conditions deteriorating.

Over the course of the afternoon there was still a few fun ones to be had, but with the conditions being more of a lottery than anything, the competition remained on hold before the sailors were released shortly before 5 PM. A couple of hours later the official opening ceremony was held in front of a packed out crowd.

The forecast for tomorrow predicts winds of 23-33 knots from the east, so it’s going to be a case of waiting to see whether there is enough angle in the wind to allow for competition. Like today, the sailors will meet at 8:30 AM tomorrow morning with a first possible start of 9 AM (GMT+1). Make sure you stay tuned into PWA World to stay up to date with all of the latest developments from La Torche.

Day 2: The highs and lows of life on tour

The second day of the 2016 La Torche PWA Grand Slam proved to be another beautiful day with wall-to-wall sunshine and peeling waves, but the competition remained on hold with barely a breath of wind on offer.

With very little chance of competition today many of the fleet once again took the opportunity to catch some waves before they were officially released at 4 PM.

Throughout the day we caught up with a few sailors to find out about how long they’ve been on tour and what their highs and lows have been over the years:

First up, Ricardo Campello who won the event here in 2014:

PWA: How many years have you been on tour?
“16 years! Wow, I’m old!”

PWA: Best moment on tour?
“Probably when I won my world titles, It was pretty amazing completing one of my dreams and winning 3 times in a row was special, so that was definitely my best moments!”

PWA: Funniest moment on tour?
“Pretty much everyday with the boys, we try to have fun all the time and there are pretty funny moments which I shouldn’t tell you in public jajaja.”

PWA: Worst moment on tour?
“Probably when I was winning the world tour by far and in Canada for me to drop from first to second. I had to be 7th or better which back then it was pretty hard because at those times I was on fire on freestyle and the conditions changed to fully onshore wavy conditions and I lost to John Skye and dropped from 1st to 2nd. That made me miss out on the world title that year.”

PWA: Worst injury?
“I’ve only had two. My recent one in Maui in April and when I tried the triple loop for the second time in Pozo, I broke my wrist but I actually didn’t notice until a week later!! I actually kept sailing that day.”

Reigning world champion — Iballa Moreno:

PWA: Years on tour?
“My first comp was in ’97, but my first time doing the whole tour was in 1999 and that was also when I won my first title.”

PWA: Best moment on tour?
“Probably in 2005 — winning the Aloha Classic for the first time.”

PWA: Worst injury?
“My knee and my foot. Both took more than 6 months to recover from. I injured my knee playing basketball and my foot when I was doing a tabletop and one of my feet came out of the stars and as I came down I landed with my toes directly on the board and broke three metatarsals.”

Sarah-Quita Offringa:

PWA: Years on tour?
“11 – 2006 was my first full year on tour though.”

PWA: Best moment on tour?
“I think probably last season… finishing in the top 3 in the waves for the first time, winning my eighth freestyle world title and winning my second slalom world title after a long season.”

PWA: Funniest Moment?
“Water bombing a couple of the PWA Crew in Denmark. The look on their faces was priceless.”

PWA: Worst moment?
“Probably during the Poland indoor… in the practice rounds I crashed going up the ramp, which was pretty scary.”

PWA: Worst injury?
“In NC I had a massive catapult which resulted in a bulging disc in my back. It’s alright now, but I can start to develop back pain pretty quickly”

The forecast for tomorrow is predicting winds of 13-17 knots from the east to east-southeast with a swell of 1.7m at 14 seconds, which could provide enough angle to allow for some wave riding only heats. With this in mind, the skippers’ meeting has been called for 8:30 AM tomorrow morning with a first possible start of 9 AM (GMT+1). Make sure you tune into PWA World to stay up to date with all of the latest developments as well as being able to see the action live via the PWA live stream.

Day 1: Wave sailors, registered, rigged and ready for action

The opening day of the 2016 La Torche PWA Grand Slam saw a relaxed start to proceedings with light winds throughout the day. First thing this morning the men’s and women’s wave fleets registered for their penultimate event of the year before preparing their equipment for the week ahead.

With light offshore winds and a long period swell quite a few of the competitors took the opportunity to sneak a few waves during the afternoon after being released after the skippers’ meeting at 1 PM.

The Forecast

Tomorrow looks like another lay day with similar winds as today being forecast, but after speaking to event organiser Christophe Boutet it looks as though Saturday, which shows 15-20 knot winds and a 1.7m swell at 14 seconds, has the potential to allow the qualification round to begin with purely wave riding to count.

Meanwhile, Sunday predicts much stronger winds — 20-30 knots from the east-southeast — which could allow a jump to be included if the wind isn’t too offshore.

Qualification Round

As usual, the qualification round will be the first thing on the agenda and it will see the following 12 sailors battling it out for the remaining 4 places in the main draw:

Heat 1: Diony Guadagnino vs Alexandre Grand-Guillot vs Justin Denel vs Clement Bozec.
Heat 2: Julian Salmonn vs Arthur Arutkin vs Amado Vrieswijk vs Cedric Bordes.
Heat 3: Martin ten Hoeve vs Philippe Mesmeur vs Kilian Du Couedic vs Taty Frans

The skippers’ meeting has been called for 10 AM tomorrow morning with a first possible start at 11 AM (GMT+1). Make sure to tune into PWA World to stay up to date with all the latest news from the event.

– Text and Pictures by PWA World / Chris Yates & John Carter –