Video - Lena Erdil: An Escape to NeverLand

Two girls on a windsurf paradise trip – Start dreaming about your next escape to paradise with Maria Andres and Lena Erdil. Explore the mystical Island of Raiatea – come windsurfing in a beautiful lagoon and swim in a real live aquarium, speed boat rides, dolphins jumping and magic sunsets….

An Escape to Neverland

“From the moment we first set foot on this island everything was like a dream, the scenery, the people, the sea and nature, everything was incredibly beautiful! Pretty soon we were convinced that somehow during our 48 hour journey to Tahiti we had managed to sprinkle some fairy dust upon us and land in Never Land.

Mesmerized by the beauty and mysticism of the island we were ready to take on a never-ending childhood having adventures whilst interacting with fairies, pirates and mermaids.

To give you an idea of how incredible everything was, I would just like to mention here that we were actually picked up from the airport by boat! Raiatea, which actually translates to “faraway heaven,” was once the cultural and religious center of the Society Islands.

Today French Polynesia and its many islands are known as sanctuary for marine life, especially its pearls, many shark species and beautiful reefs are famous! We were lucky enough to be invited to Raiatea as the ambassadors for the Tahiti Freeride Cup.”

Video edition by Amanda Beenen
Cover Photo by Philippe Calmels