2017 AirPlane

The innovative inflatable windsurf boards

The AirPlanes are available in 5 sizes for 2017.

Two new performance-orientated sizes, the AirPlane 230 and 242 come into the range. The AirPlane 255 continues while the AirPlane 300 and 285 have new, improved outlines and are now called the AirPlane 290 and 270.

Click here to see the differences in outlines compared to 2016.

Our original 3D elastomer Rail Edge technology that runs along the rails of the the AirPlanes, giving a hard release edge for true planing performance has been upgraded to a double Rail Edge in the jibing area to improve grip when carving.

The AirPlane 230 and 242 are our performance-orientated freeride sizes. They’re faster, more maneuverable and a lot of fun in windy conditions.

Since the AirPlane 230 and 242 are performance-orientated, there is no center fin box for beginners, which means less drag and faster speeds.

The new AirPlane 290 with its fully retractable, rubber-sealed daggerboard case blends beginner stability and progressive freeriding. The most suited to beginners.

The rubber lips seal the opening when the daggerboard is retracted.

All AirPlanes are now equipped with our new, exclusive footstrap insert system that’s just 7mm thick and works with regular footstraps.

They’re easy to fit and have in-built plugs to prevent the footstraps from twisting.


The AirPlane 290, 270 and 255 now have two rows of footstrap positions for progressing and advanced windsurfers.

The FAST Tuttle box has also been improved with a top plate that helps to hold the fin box more safely in position.


All AirPlanes except the AirPlane 290 are delivered with a high-performance Freeride Power 42 cm G-10 fin from Drake. It provides traction, low-end power, stability and control. The AirPlane 290 is delivered with the Drake Shallow 41 which is shallower and tougher. The AirPlane 255 and 270 also include a Drake Shallow 22 that fits into the centre fin box for progressing windsurfers.


New mast insert system for 2017: our ‘mushroom’ style insert.

By inserting the mast insert from the bottom, the mast insert is held in place securely: the more the sail tries to pull the insert out, the more it stays in place.

Traditional mast inserts where a hole is cut into the skin becomes weaker the more the sail pulls, eventually ripping out and leaving a hole where air leaks out. Starboard’s mushroom mast insert is the most secure and safest system in the world.

“I couldn’t have imagined something more simple than the AirPlane. I love it!”

– Albert Pijoan

The rockers have been adjusted to provide the right combination of lift, glide and maneuverability. All boards come in 6″ thickness except for the AirPlane 230 which comes in 4.75″.

All AirPlanes are supplied with our new Magic Suitcase that packs everything away tidily into a convenient wheeled travel bag.

They’re also supplied with our benchmark V8 Double Action pump. Inflate your board faster and easier with continuous pumping cycles in both down and upward action. Turn the switch and it becomes a single action pump for easy inflation to 18 PSI.

For 2017, the new AirPlanes are extremely stiff thanks to our new triple-stringer carbon compression rail bands that also prevent the boards from twisting.

The technology has been re-engineered to have more fiber, less coating and less glue. This translate into lighter weights and overall improved stiffness.

Click here to see the new lay-up.

Always inflate between 15 and 18 PSI for maximum stiffness and performance.

ModelAirPlane 230AirPlane 242Airplane 255Airplane 270Airplane 290
Tail Width46.54952.556.562
Bottom Shape
(Tail to Nose)
Footstrap Rows11222
FinDrake Freeride Power 42Drake Freeride Power 42Drake Freeride Power 42
Drake Shallow 22
Drake Freeride Power 42
Drake Shallow 22
Drake Shallow 41
FinboxTuttle Fast BoxTuttle Fast BoxTuttle Fast Box
Astro US Box
Tuttle Fast Box
Astro US Box
Tuttle Fast Box
Daggerboard----Daggerboard 57
Sail Range2.0 - 8.52.0 - 8.52.0 - 8.52.0 - 9.52.0 - 9.5
Weight (Equipped)7.709.7510.2011.0515.20
Weight (Naked)6.808.809.3010.2010.70
North America Price
(excl. VAT)
USD 1,549USD 1,549USD 1,549USD 1,549USD 1,649
Weights are +/- 5%, except for ASAP, Starlite, Starshot, ArmourTech and Inflatable technologies that are +/- 6%.
Weights are estimates, use for indicative purposes only.