2017 Light Bags


The lightest boards need the lightest board bags.

To make our new 2017 board bags lighter than ever, we’ve re-engineered them inside out. Literally.

New light and extra-durable polysack outer skin.

New inverted construction eliminates the need for heavy reinforcement webbing.

Starboard’s new Light Bags are stitched together then flipped inside out, like t-shirts, creating a lighter bag with a double thickness padding along the rail edges.

Heavy-duty non-corrosive YKK plastic buckles and zippers are placed away from the edge of the bag to protect your board’s rails from damage, while removing the need for an overlapping layer of zipper protection.

This helps to reduce the weights of the bag even further.

The new Travel Light Bags feature a top carry handle as well as front and back carry handles to make lifting and transporting easy, whether you are by yourself or traveling with friends.

They have 8mm thick foam padding on the top and bottom. The Travel Bags also feature a 12mm extra thick foam on the side walls to guarantee the protection of your boards when traveling.

Adjustable quick-clip shoulder strap is removable and lined with thicker, more comfortable padding.

Our new Triple Light Travel bags are spacious enough for three boards fitted with footstraps. Compression straps are available in case you don’t need the extra space.

The 2017 Light Bags are available in a wide range of sizes.

There are single Light Bag sizes for every board in the Starboard range. They’re just the right size to fit your Starboard with footstraps and fin.


Light Travel Bags are also  available for Formula (shown on the right), Double iSonic, Triple iSonic and the Triple Travel M.

Find the right bag for you by following the link below.