2017 Flare

The PWA Freestyle World Champion’s board.

Last year, the Flare 93 became 2.5 cm wider and the Flare 103 became 3 cm wider. Both boards also saw their lengths reduced by 2.5 cm for a more balanced, more compact and more reactive board.

The result is a board that provides plenty of stability in both planing and sub-planing conditions, making it easy for intermediate to advanced freestylers alike.

New Drake by LSD fin, fitting in the new US box developed by Remi Vila that’s only 5.5 inches long and weighs 70 grams.

Fin sizes also go up one centimeter compared to last year to improve early planing, speed and pop.

LSD Logo S

Rocker is carried over from iSonic development. Maximum speed, efficiency and acceleration with control.

Extra thick tail makes for a more comfortable stance, easier reverse slide moves and overall a more forgiving freestyle board.

“My 2017 boards are so much lighter than my 2016 boards which helps me to get planing faster, reach higher top speed and to go higher. I had a few sick sessions in Australia with these boards already and I really love the feeling of the new UltraCore Carbon.”

– Dieter van der Eyken

Rails are soft in the mid-section to improve comfort without affecting speed, but also provide more smoothness and forgiveness in rotations and double moves.

Softer round rails in the nose for easier, smoother rotations.

Protected by a full perimeter Carbon Innegra rail band that creates a rigid frame and increases rail impact resistance.

UltraCore Hybrid Carbon Logo - Green-LRThe Flares are available in our new incredibly light UltraCore Carbon construction which makes them as light or lighter than anything else out there.

Built using our exclusive UltraCore sandwich core and what we call Smart Carbon: putting the carbon smartly in the right places for an optimized combination of stiffness, flex and feel.

 UltraCore Reflex Carbon Logo - Green - LRThe UltraCore Reflex Carbon is the exclusive, super-premium option for a board that is even lighter on the scale.

They offer more feel, more responsiveness and more flex than conventional boards. The Reflex Carbon model is limited in stock, built to order with a four month delivery lead time.

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What is UltraCore?

UltraCore is Starboard’s proprietary sandwich core material that’s 30% stronger, 40% stiffer and 10% lighter than conventional PVC sandwich cores. UltraCore allows Starboard to build boards up to 1.2 kg lighter than our 2016 models.

Two rows of inserts for the front footstraps allow for multiple positions, angles and widths of the straps, ultimately providing a more comfortable stance, better control over the board and less risk of injury.

Featuring 10mm thick footpads with the new square grooving pattern that provides more grip and comfort over extended sessions.

2015 PWA Freestyle World Champions

Dieter van der Eyken & Sarah-Quita Offringa

ModelFlare 81Flare 93Flare 103
TechnologyUltraCore CarbonUltraCore CarbonUltraCore Carbon
Tail Width37.539.941.0
Bottom Shape
(Tail to Nose)
Flat VeeFlat VeeFlat Vee
Footstrap Rows111
FinDrake 17 Ready to Freestyle by LSDDrake 18 Ready to Freestyle by LSDDrake 19 Ready to Freestyle by LSD
FinboxUS Box 5.5"US Box 5.5"US Box 5.5"
Sail Range2.5 - 5.54.5 - 6.05.0 - 6.8
(UltraCore Carbon)
North America Price
(excl. VAT)
USD 2,249USD 2,249USD 2,249
Weights are +/- 5%, except for ASAP, Starlite, Starshot, ArmourTech and Inflatable technologies that are +/- 6%.
Weights are estimates, use for indicative purposes only.