2016/2017 Formula 177

The successor to the 2015 Formula World Champion.

Following the two-year cycle rules imposed by the Formula Windsurfing Class, the Formula 177 carries over unchanged into 2017.



Designed specifically for modern course racing, the Formula 177 is Starboard’s most powerful board with the widest wind range and the earliest planing performance.

Fin not supplied with the board.

Same thickness as the 2014/2015 model – with the exception of the camel bump – to keep the high wind control.

The Bullet Nose rocker has a low angle of attack for less drag.

Extra power is generated from the 7mm thicker rails compared to the previous model.

The boxier rails from the tail all the way to the nose help generate more power and leverage for more performance in light winds.

Recessed shape under your front heel offsets the thicker rails and maintains comfort and control in high winds.

Click here to see the difference.

Chicken strap deck shape allows for more feet positions and improved comfort on the downwind run.

The result is more control and a better lift.

The camel bump deck shape provides back foot grip and more power, an advantage after every tack and jibe as you pump quicker and accelerate away from competitors faster.

Click here to see the camel bump.

The planing surface of the Formula 177 is more efficient by being 3 cm wider between your feet to increase lift and reduce drag in light winds.

Fin not supplied with the board.

The bottom shape is a flat Vee tail, merging into a double concave forward. This brings speed and comfort in all racing conditions.


ModelFormula 177Formula Experience ProKids
TechnologyUltraCore Reflex CarbonTufskin
Tail Width84.669.8
Bottom Shape
(Tail to Nose)
Flat Vee to
Double Concave
Double Concave to
Flat Vee
Footstrap Rows12
FinWithout FinDrake Race 62
Ready to Race
FinboxDeep Tuttle BoxDeep Tuttle Box
Recommended FinZ Fins 70
Sail Range8.5 - 12.55.5 - 8.5
(UltraCore Reflex)
North America Price
(excl. VAT)
USD 2,999-
Weights are +/- 5%, except for ASAP, Starlite, Starshot, ArmourTech and Inflatable technologies that are +/- 6%.
Weights are estimates, use for indicative purposes only.