2017 Formula One & Slalom One

100% Planing One Designs

For one-design racing, we offer two racing packages for clubs and windsurfers around the world: the Slalom One and the Formula One.

The shape of the Slalom One comes from the acclaimed 2015 iSonic 110 while the Formula One shape is actually the 2015 Formula 167, the reigning World Champion shape with Gonzalo Costa Hoevel.


The outline of the Slalom One is wide between the footstraps for early and easy planing. However the planing surface behind the back foot is narrow for reduced drag and faster speeds.


Tail winger and side cuts minimize the tail area for maximum efficiency. They improve water release for sharper accelerations, better performance through wind lulls and and higher top speeds.

Heel extensions allow the Slalom One to be powerful yet ergonomic under the feet with a narrow tail.


The Slalom One is delivered with not one but two high performance slalom fins by Drake for maximum wind range.

A Slalom DW 38 Ready to Race for high winds and a Slalom DW 42 Ready to Race for light winds.



Rémi Vila

The Formula One has a 84 cm wide tail for a balance of power, balance and versatility in all wind conditions.

The Formula One is delivered with a high performance Drake Race 70 Ready to Race fin that generates massive power for light wind performance.


Cut-away shapes with deep side cuts reduce the wetted area, improve acceleration onto the plane, upwind tracking, top end speed and allow for a freer ride.


Downwind stance with ergonomic heel recesses to apply more lift on the downwind runs and for more comfort.

The Formula One and Slalom One are fitted with the next iteration of Drake UltraLight footstraps. These hydrophobic footstraps weigh 99 grams dry, saving up to 232 grams dry and 676 grams when wet.

Two new layers of Kevlar X-Ply monofilm replace the internal plastic strip to keep the footstrap comfortable, light and flexible but eradicate any stretch.

The Formula One uses our Bullet Nose design with a low angle of attack for less nose drag, easier and quicker acceleration out of jibes and back on the plane.

The flat in the rocker is 90cm long for maximum accelerations in all conditions.

The lowered mast track improves control and makes your rig position more vertical, which helps to hold your board down and maintain mast foot pressure.

3DX - Blue - LR

The Formula One and Slalom are available in our new 3DX construction.

3DX stands for three dimensional biaxial glass microsandwich construction. Both deck and bottom are wrapped in 45 degree biaxial glass fiber wetted out with an expanding foam epoxy cured under high pressure.

The biaxial glass gives a crisp, stiff feel with flex for choppy conditions. The foam epoxy creates a 2mm skin thickness for a microsandwich effect: tough and strong.

Click here to see the lay-up.

Sails are available in 6.5m², 7.5m², 8.5m², 9.5m² and 11.0m².

The Formula One 9.5m² and 11.0m² are three-cam sails for Formula racing. The Slalom One 6.5m², 7.5m² and 8.5m² are twin-cam, more suited to slalom racing.

Racing profile with short boom lengths to offer higher performance on aluminum booms.

ModelSlalom OneFormula One
Tail Width50.784.3
Bottom Shape
(Tail to Nose)
Flat Vee to
Mono Concave
Flat Vee to
Double Concave
Footstrap Rows11
FinDrake Slalom DW 38 Ready to Race
Drake Slalom DW 42 Ready to Race
Drake Race 70 Ready to Race
FinboxDeep Tuttle BoxDeep Tuttle Box
Recommended Fin38 - 4660 - 70
Sail Range7.0 - 9.26.5 - 11.0
North America Price
(excl. VAT)
USD 1,499USD 1,799
Weights are +/- 5%, except for ASAP, Starlite, Starshot, ArmourTech and Inflatable technologies that are +/- 6%.
Weights are estimates, use for indicative purposes only.