2017 Phantom Race

Rocket Science

Starboard’s Raceboard rockets, the Phantom 377 and 377 L need no introduction. At the recent World Championships in Sopot, Poland, both the Men’s and Women’s podiums were occupied by the Phantom 377s.

For 2017, we are introducing a new design targeted at the R300 Class with the much awaited Phantom 299, that is based on the Phantom 377 L with added width and thickness to compensate the shorter length of 299 cm.

The Phantom 299 is 3 cm thicker than the Phantom 377 and 1 cm thicker than the Phantom 377 L for amazing light wind performance. The extra thickness allows the new Phantom 299 to lift onto its rail earlier and with better control.

The Phantom 299 is delivered with a high performance Drake Race 58 Ready to Race while the Phantom 377 and Phantom 377 L are supplied with the Drake Race 52 Ready to Race fins.


To compensate for the shorter length, the Phantom 299 is 2 cm wider than the Phantom 377, for a compact outline that improves planing performance.

Just like on the Phantom 377s, the slanted adjustable mast track raises the front section to help the board get on its rail even earlier in light winds and sinks the back section below deck level to improve control in planing conditions.

All Phantoms feature the Starboard Bat Wings. These Bat Wings offer a wide planing surface at high speeds with reduced drag and more lift at low speeds. This translate into earlier planing, improved upwind tracking, a wider wind range and the possibility to use larger fins.


The Phantom 377s, with their reduced widths at 66.8 cm and their Bat Wings tail design provide amazing glide, an improved railing effect while planing up early and providing plenty of upwind power.

The Phantom 377 L adds 3 cm extra thickness to the Phantom 377 for added volume, making it ideal for heavier riders. However, the thickness in the tail, under the back foot reaching position remains the same as the standard 377 to maintain control in full planing conditions.

Phantom 377: Sailors under 80 kg / 175 lb

Phantom 377 L: Sailors over 80 kg / 175 lb

The flat Vee bottom shape of the Phantoms absorbs chop, improves tracking and helps the board roll onto its rail.

In high winds, the Phantom 299 is even able to track upwind without daggerboard. When heading downwind, the compact outline makes the Phantom 299 fun, fast, easy to control and with more angle than any other raceboard.

The 2017 Phantoms are fitted with the next iteration of Drake UltraLight footstraps. These hydrophobic footstraps weigh 99 grams dry, saving up to 232 grams dry and 676 grams when wet.

Two new layers of Kevlar X-Ply monofilm replace the internal plastic strip to keep the footstrap comfortable, light and flexible but eradicate any stretch.

The Phantom 299 is available in three constructions:

UltraCore Hybrid Carbon Logo - Red - LR

Our new UltraCore Carbon option that replaces last year’s Carbon technology.

UltraCore Reflex Carbon Logo - Red - LR

Our super premium UltraCore Reflex Carbon, our very lightest technology built in the most exclusive, lightest grade biaxial carbon fibres on top of our exclusive UltraCore sandwich core.

3DX - Blue - LR

The Phantom 299 is also available in our new 3DX construction.

3DX stands for three dimensional biaxial glass microsandwich construction. Developed exclusively by Starboard for the crispest, stiffest board in its segment where both deck and bottom are wrapped in 45 degree biaxial glass fibre and wetted out with an expanding foam epoxy cured under pressure. Durable, strong and crisp.

Click here to see the lay-up.

For 2017, the Phantom 377 and 377 L keep a custom-made 30 degree biaxial T700 carbon deck and a 45 degree biaxial T700 carbon bottom construction that offers a unique combination of reflex response adapted to the longer length of a raceboard.

ModelPhantom 299Phantom 377Phantom 377 L
TechnologyUltraCore Reflex Carbon
UltraCore Carbon
Carbon ReflexCarbon Reflex
Tail Width50.149.149.2
Bottom Shape
(Tail to Nose)
Flat VeeFlat VeeFlat Vee
Footstrap Rows111
FinDrake Race 58 Ready to RaceDrake Race 52 Ready to Race
Daggerboard 78
Drake Race 52 Ready to Race
Daggerboard 78
FinboxDeep TuttleDeep TuttleDeep Tuttle
Fin Range40 - 6245 - 5542 - 56
Sail Range6.5 - 9.56.5 - 9.56.5 - 9.5
(Carbon Reflex)
Racer Price
(incl. VAT)
-EUR 2,700*EUR 2,700*
(UltraCore Reflex)
(UltraCore Hybrid)
Weights are +/- 5%, except for ASAP, Starlite, Starshot, ArmourTech and Inflatable technologies that are +/- 6%.
Weights are estimates, use for indicative purposes only.
* Please contact your distributor for terms and conditions.