The Waterman Package


Our grab-n-go package for paddle boarding, windsurfing and windSUPing.

The classic Waterman Package includes either a WindSUP Blend 11’2 x 32″ (shown here) or a WindSUP Freeride 12’2 x 30″ in Starshot technology, a WindSUP Classic 5.5m² Sail Package and an Enduro TikiTech Adjustable paddle.

The WindSUP Blend 11’2 and WindSUP Freeride 12’2 are our two new favorite all-rounders to cover windsurfing and paddleboarding. They are available in Starshot technology, with a premium hard painted deck finish with great weight and value.

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The WindSUP Classic Sail aims to make windsurfing as simple as possible. It is light, powerful and easy to assemble.

It has undergone several upgrades for 2017 with a re-designed window and mast foot protector, an extra batten, a new monocoque boom construction and many other improvements.

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The Enduro TikiTech is a well-balanced all-round adjustable paddle with a comfortable flex. Strong and light.

New double concave improves water flow around the blade for more power and tracking. The stiffer shaft and can be adjusted anywhere between 154 cm and 213 cm.

The TikiTech blade technology features a full ABS rail and a special scratch-proof top sheet for durability.

The Waterman Package is also available in inflatable version. It includes a WindSUP Blend 11’2 x 32″ or a WindSUP Touring 11’6 x 30″ (shown here) in Zen technology, a WindSUP Compact 5.5m² Sail Package and a three-piece Enduro TikiTech adjustable paddle.

The WindSUP Inflatable Blend 11’2 and WindSUP Inflatable Touring 11’6 are fast, all-round models. They are available in our new drop-stitch Zen construction that uses more fiber, less coating and less glue for weights up to 20% lighter.

They come complete with a wheeled bag and a V8 Double Action pump.

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The WindSUP Compact Sail uses a three-piece boom and a four-piece mast to fit into a more compact bag than the WindSUP Classic, making it easy to transport and store.

It has undergone the same improvements as the WindSUP Classic for more comfort, stability and performance in higher winds.

The Enduro TikiTech 3-piece is a well-balanced all-round three-piece adjustable paddle that can easily be assembled and disassembled in seconds. Measuring only 85 cm long, it fits into the rig bag or board bag.

The TikiTech blade uses a lightweight PVC core with a full ABS rail, a hybrid carbon lay-up and a special scratch-proof top sheet.

The three pieces connect using a secure spring pin system and an upgraded compression clamp with a shaft register system that controls the alignment and reduces any play.