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2017 WindSUP Sails

The sail packages for SUP boards.

The WindSUP Sails are designed to power paddle boards fitted with mast tracks and light wind windsurfing boards. They aim to make windsurfing as simple as possible.

Available in two styles: the Classic and the Compact.

The Classic uses a two piece mast and a two piece boom. Powerful and easy to assemble.

Available in 5.5m² and 6.5m².

The Compact uses a four-piece mast and a three-piece boom to fit into a more compact bag.

Available in 5.5m² and 6.5m².

Click here to view how to assemble your WindSUP Sails.

Both Classic and Compact models have been upgraded once again for 2017:

The Classic uses a two-piece reduced diameter mast and the Compact uses a four-piece reduce diameter mast.

The RDM masts are more reliable and make the sails feel smooth and light on the water.

Upgraded sail design with larger monofilm window and a secondary batten that improves stability which in turns boosts comfort, performance in higher winds and control.


Both the Classic and Compact sails have a new padded mast foot protector for extra safety, comfort and aesthetics.

The downhaul 3-roller hook pulley makes downhauling hassle-free.

Downhaul line comes connected to the hook pulley for even faster and simple rigging. Just hook it to the grommet and downhaul all the way.

Hardware has also been upgraded. The improved extension has thicker walls and a new reliable release mechanism and a new stainless steel automatic collar adjustment system.

The correct settings for each sail size are indicated clearly for hassle-free assembly.

The new boom head and monocoque construction is stiffer, giving you more control of the sail. The new boom clips with double pins are more secure and durable.

The boom end uses a loop-n-go system. Loop the rope through the sail and onto the hook. Pull the end and lock it in.

Just like on the extension, correct settings for light wind and high wind conditions are marked on the boom adjustment holes to make rigging easy.

The new mechanical universal joint is great for inflatable boards as it puts less stress than a conventional rubber joint on the board when the sail is lying flat in the water.



The WindSUP Sails come with a new bag that fits all of the packages’ components.



The WindSUP Compact bag is more compact than the Classic, measuring less than 120 cm.


Click here to see how to fold your WindSUP Sails.

ModelWindSUP Sail Classic 5.5WindSUP Sail Classic 6.5WindSUP Sail Compact 5.5WindSUP Sail Compact 6.5
Surface Area5.
Battens1 + Mini Batten1 + Mini Batten1 + Mini Batten1 + Mini Batten
Recommend MastWindSUP 430 RDMWindSUP 430 RDMWindSUP 430 RDMWindSUP 430 RDM
Mast IMCS16161616
BagClassic Grey 5.5Classic Grey 6.5Compact Grey 5.5Compact Grey 6.5
Weights are +/- 5%, except for ASAP, Starlite, Starshot, ArmourTech and Inflatable technologies that are +/- 6%.
Weights are estimates, use for indicative purposes only.