AtomIQ 110 Carbon, PlancheMag (France), April 2015

The Atom IQs are Starboard’s slim and thin freeride boards with the widest wind-range. As freemove boards, they are designed to be exciting and fast in the straight line yet highly maneuverable and aggressive with a widest wind-range and control.

For 2015, new sizes and a new technology are available. The Atom IQ 130, 140 and 160 models are added to the already existing Atom IQ 100, 110 and 120 models. All Atom IQs are now also available in Tufskin AST construction, with the Atom IQ 160 Tufskin featuring an extra center fin box. Fitting this optional center fin gives the Atom IQ 160 extra upwind traction for progressing riders.

The following test was featured in the April 2015 edition of Planche Mag.

Starboard Atom IQ 110 Carbon: “The complete freeride board”

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Length: 235 cm
Width: 74.5 cm
Tail Width: 47.8 cm
Thickness: 10.0 cm
Weight: 7.90 kg
Fin: Drake Freeride Glide 38 (Power Box)
Sail range: 5.5m² – 8.5m²

Available Volumes: 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 160 and 160 Windsurfer.
Available Constructions: Carbon and Tufskin


Three new models (130, 140 and 160) join the Atom IQ family in 2015. This Atom IQ 110 is at the same time the widest, the thinnest and the most compact shape available on the freeride/freemove market today, with three rows of footstraps.

On the Water:

The 2015 Atom IQ 110 Carbon immediately puts the rider at ease, with a well-balanced volume distribution and extremely comfortable pads. It rides relatively low on the water while being forgiving in terms of foot pressure, with a feeling of stiffness and lightness. It gets planing pretty early, with less lateral give than its competitors. Once it’s up and going, it planes quite flat on the water, with the downwind rail nicely settling itself, which minimizes the chance of committing mistakes and reassures the rider. Those who are just discovering planing in the footstraps will appreciate this ultra-stability in the straight line as it’s effortless and reassuring to go fast, in all footstraps positions. Even in strong winds, you can keep your foot on the pedal, the Atom IQ 110 won’t rear up.

The Atom IQ is all about glide, with a discreet yet efficient fin for freeriding; we did experience a few spin outs with certain sails, when pushing the board in the red. It is exhilarating and very securing at the same time: it’s forgiving but not boring. However, it is a bit less playful under the feet compared to some other boards in the test.

In terms of sheer performance, it’s perfectly balanced and heads upwind very well. Most importantly though, it’s very easy to go fast with this Atom IQ, regardless of rider skill, thanks to the permanent and total control. In the jibe, the Starboard is not the most stable for high-speed turns. Instead, it prefers slower jibes, where it stays perfectly balanced and comes out planing with speed.


This Atom IQ 110 is a complete freeride board that covers everything, from discovering planing and jibes with sails between 2.0m² and 6.0m² to offering the comfort and top-end performance of a freerace for demanding riders with sails between 6.5m² and 8.0m². The secret? It’s extraordinary comfort-to-stability ratio.


+ Huge wind range
+ Stability and control
+ Easy performance
+ Getting into the straps


Locked in, not very playful
Few spin outs when pushing hard

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