AtomIQ 110 Carbon, SURF (Germany), July 2015

The Atom IQs are Starboard’s slim and thin freeride boards with the widest wind-range. Efficient in light winds like a wide board 15 liters bigger, as maneuverable and controllable as a board with 15 liters less. “Plane big, jibe small.” And with the right tuning, you get a wind range that covers three classic freeride boards.

The following test was featured in the July edition of SURF, along with 7 other freeride boards.

Starboard AtomIQ 110 Carbon: “Sporty, quick and accessible”

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Length: 235 cm
Width: 74.5 cm
Tail Width: 47.8 cm
Thickness: 10.0 cm
Weight: 7.70 kg
Volume: 110 liters
Fin: Drake Freeride Power 38 (Power Box)
Sail range: 5.5m² – 8.5m²


The 2015 Starboard AtomIQ 110 in Carbon construction was the surprise of this test. Nobody would have thought that the widest board of the test group could offer such an excellent turning/carving ability. Even the quick carving 360s work on that board almost the best.

The AtomIQ 110 can be carved at full speed into all kinds of jibes without any fear to catch the rail. It responds very well to foot pressure in the jibe: when the rider increases pressure on the rail, the shape translates it into narrower and tighter turns, without ever complaining. It is not as sensitive to small mistakes as other boards in the test group, which in turn helps to keep speed out of the jibe and makes the AtomIQ a great tool to learn the power jibe on.

Aside from the jibe, it feels darn quick in the straight line, flying free and high above the chop but in total control. The balance of lift and grip is ideal, which makes the board extremely reassuring even in strong gusts and overpowered conditions.

SURF Verdict:

Sporty, quick and extremely controllable, the 2015 AtomIQ 110 Carbon addresses a wide target group. It will however require a bit more effort from short or lightweight riders in the jibe as the step size required is quite big due to the width, and the required pressure to get the board on the rail is a bit higher.

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