AtomIQ 114 Carbon, Windsurf (UK), March 2016

Slim and fast with the wind range of two classic freeriders, the AtomIQs take the complication out of windsurfing.

New AtomIQ 104, 114 and 124 shapes for 2016 introducing the world’s lightest board technology: UltraCore Carbon.

The following test was featured in the March 2016 edition of Windsurf.

Starboard AtomIQ 114 Carbon: “Exciting and engaging character”

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Length: 239 cm
Width: 75.5 cm
Tail Width: 46.6 cm
Thickness: 11.3 cm
Weight: 7.0 kg
Volume: 114 liters
Fin: Drake Freeride Power 38 (Power Box)
Sail range: 5.5m² – 8.5m²

Low Down:

The AtomIQ lline up has been updated for 2016, with three new designs to replace the originals and sit alongside the larger models introduced last year. Each board is available in three constructions: Carbon UltraCore (as tested here), Wood Reflex or the more price pointed 3DX. Starboard claim the new UltraCore is “the world’s lightest windsurfing board construction ever invented” which reduces weight by a quoted 10% and increases strength by 30%. The AtomIQ 114 is one of the wider contenders in the group, yet narrows to a domed tail with cutouts extending along much of the planing rail. The deck throughout the rest of the board is flat, and comes complete with uniquely contoured deckpads, colour-coded Drake Slick Mk IV straps and a wide-profiled G-10 Drake Freeride Glide fin.


Stable and composed underfoot, the new AtomIQ 114 can take large sails with ease to make the most of marginal conditions. We used it with a 8.0m² and it didn’t feel out of place at all. Provide power and the AtomIQ accelerates smoothly and progressively providing the time and stability to shift weight to the back of the board and into the straps. Once you’re in place, the AtomIQ seems to engage another gear and kicks on to an impressive top end speed. The deckpad layup in the dome tail is novel, with raised sections under the balls of your feet and dropped heels. It initially feels a little peculiar, but you soon get used to it, and it actually seems to add to the comfort and response over long reaches.

The original incarnations of the AtomIQ became sought after for their mix of speed and excitement, matched with control in strong winds and gybing practicality. So we’re pleased to report the new AtomIQ 114 builts upon this trait, retaining this exciting and engaging character. It is certainly still very fast, yet with the larger fin area requires less sensivity or technique to get the most from it. In the gybe it gives a secure and dependable response, capable of complimenting different rider styles and cutting a safe smooth arc. As such, we’d say the AtomIQ 114’s performance is even more accessible than its predecessor, making it a great tutor for the progressing rider, yet still possessing enough life and energy to reward the more experienced blasting enthusiast.


With a locked-in and engaging character, the new AtomIQ 114 has an immense wind range and real practicality, giving it a wide user appeal. Easy to control, yet coming alight when in blasting mode, the AtomIQ continues to build upon the virtues of the wide-and-thin concept.

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