AtomIQ 114 Wood Reflex, Planche Mag (France), April 2016

The AtomIQ, the innovative slim freerider. The AtomIQ introduced the super slim concept: these thinner boards, combined with a short and wide outline, have a massive wind range. They’re controllable and maneuverable in high winds, and plane early in light winds.

The following test report was featured in the April 2016 edition of PlancheMag.

Starboard AtomIQ 114 Wood Reflex: “Testers’ Choice!”

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Volume: 114 liters
Length: 239 cm
Width: 75.5 cm
Tail Width: 46.6 cm
Thickness: 11.3 cm
Weight: 7.90 kg
Sail Range: 5.5 – 8.5m²

Three shapes are renewed for 2016. The AtomIQ 104, 114 and 124 now have narrower tails, reduced thickness and a rockerline inspired from the iSonics, with cut-aways on the last 30 cm of the tail.

On the Water:

Feeling a bit smaller than its rivals, the Starboard AtomIQ offers decent planing and accessibility thanks to its ergonomic deck shape and easy-to-fit footstraps. The footstrap/pad combo is very comfortable and the board feels light underfoot. It feels like a distant cousin of the RRD Firemove, with its cushioned yet fast and fun ride.

Fin support is good and the AtomIQ goes through chop like butter which allows you to keep the foot on the gas when you would have to slow down with others. This transposes into a surprisingly high top speed for such a board, especially on the broad downwind runs in choppy conditions when its rivals are agonizing out of control but the AtomIQ’s discreet fin and its iSonic rockerline come into play. It posses the highest top-end speed by far.

However, there is slightly less fin traction than some of its rivals and upwind reaches aren’t as natural but the AtomIQ really sticks out of the pack in stronger winds due to its amazing control and its ability to slice through chop. And then head full speed into the jibe where it turns tight and without a bounce thanks to the refined rails and the narrow and thin tail. A pleasure to jibe!


This new AtomIQ 114 offers a very wide wind range, allowing you to get going early on 7.8m² while staying controllable on 6.0 or 5.5m² in stronger winds. It’s just as suited to novices discovering their first planing reaches than to more experienced riders looking to go fast and have fun over long distances without getting tired.

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