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Carve 121 Carbon, WIND (France), March 2013 [EN-FR]

2013 Carve 121 Carbon: Sharp and performing (“Pointue et performante sur le plat”)

Length: 251cm
Width: 72cm
Volume: 121
Weight: 8.5kg
Fin: Drake Freeride Power 42 (Tuttle)
Other sizes: 111, 121, 131, 141, 151 and 161

This year’s Carve is slightly wider and 8% thinner for added stability and a wider wind range but keeps its length for a smooth and progressive planing. The 151 and 161 have also become thinner, to match the rest of the Carve family. The Starboard is available in Carbon, as tested, Wood Technology or Tufskin Technology.

On the Water:
The Carve is the stiffest of the freeride boards in the test group. It’s stiff in the length and you can feel the efficiency of the board’s structure on the plane: the accelerations are quite lively and pronounced. The carbon construction adds extra stiffness, making the board even more efficient on the plane.

“La Carve Carbon est la plus raide des planches freeride testées, raide dans son longueur où l’on sent l’efficacité de sa structure dans l’approche du planing, vive et raide dans ses accélérations qui sont franches.”

Although the board’s body is quite rigid, comfort is there thanks to the soft and spongy pads which fit the Carve’s program perfectly. The pads absorb the impacts efficiently, without affecting board feedback and steering.

The Starboard Carve is a performance freeride board, whose shape is long and tight while feeling smaller than on paper. It navigates nicely on its double cut-outs which free up the board and allow it to reach higher speeds. When positioned on the outside, the footstraps are slightly technical to encounter but predispose the rider to an efficient stance on the board. The behavior is sporty; closing your eyes will lead you to believe you’re on a freerace!

“La Carve est un modèle freeride orienté performances avec son shape long et tendu, qui parait plus petit qu’annoncé, ayant une navigation libre sur ses double cut-outs qui libèrent le flotteur et l’amènent à haute vitesse. En position externe, les footstraps sont un peu plus techniques à trouver mais le calage permet une posture visant l’efficacité. La conduite se veut sportive; à l’aveugle, on se croirait à bord d’une freerace.”

When the waters are choppy, the Starboard becomes more physically and technically demanding with pronounced accelerations. The jibe requires a minimum of technique to conserve speed and draw a nice arc.

The Carve Carbon is an up market board, both in its construction and shape, targeted at windsurfers with a decent technique. The performances are undoubtedly there: although it’s quick and efficient to plane, what struck was its speed. Lively and sensitive, the Starboard Carve 121 is a recommended choice for flat and smooth waters rather than agitated waters.

“La Carve Carbon est une planche haut de gamme à la fois côté construction comme côté shape, destinée à un windsurfeur à la technique bien dégrossie. Les performances sont au rendez-vous et si le planing est efficace tôt, c’est la vitesse que l’on recherche à bord de ce produit très pointu.”

Pros: Performances ; Reactivity ; Efficiency

Cons: Accessibility ; Behavior on Choppy Waters

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