Carve 121 Carbon, Windsurfing Jahrbuch (Germany), 2013

The Carves are Starboard’s freeride boards. As freeride boards, they are designed to be fast, exciting and fun, while delivering their best performance regardless of rider skill: we call it “Plug and Play”. The all-new 2014 Carves, with their slimmer shapes, reworked rocker and softer rails are the class-leaders in wind range and accessibility. They jibe beautifully in all manner of styles: from wide-arc power turns to pivotal back foot carves, always with a nice and smooth exit.

The following test was featured in the 2013 annual edition of Windsurf Jahrbuch! A total of 8 freeride boards between 116 and 125 liters were tested in this classic 120 liter freeride category.

Starboard Carve 121 Carbon: “Amazing overall performance”

Length: 252 cm
Width: 72.5 cm
Weight: 7.52 kg
Volume: 121 liters
Fin: Drake Freeride Power 42 (Tuttle)
Sail range: 5.5m² – 8.5m²
Available sizes: 111, 121, 131, 141, 151 and 161 liters
Available constructions: Carbon, Wood and Tufskin


The Carve is the classic freeride board by Starboard and appeals to windsurfers who are looking for an easy plug-and-play board. The 121-liter model is the second smallest board out of the Carve range which contains six boards. In 2013, the Carves became slimmer. And in 2014, the boards designed by Rémi Vila went 8% slimmer again in selected areas to add even more control while preserving comfort. Two different footstraps inserts with four options are provided. The board has standard EVA pads and comes with a Drake Freeride Glide 42 cm G-10 fin.

On the Water:

Due to its wide outline, the Carve provides great stability in all conditions. Even when sub-planing with big sails, the board will feel comfortable and stable. Due to the reduced thickness of the board, you are closer to the water and can effortlessly control the board. As a matter of fact, the control is much better than last year’s, especially in choppy conditions. The acceleration is good and the top speed in light-wind conditions is higher than average. At top speeds, the Starboard Carve remains perfectly in control. For experienced windsurfers, we recommend the outside footstraps positions to squeeze the most speed out of the board. In high-wind conditions, there are faster boards but the controllability of the Carve is convincing and you are never blown off in gusty conditions. The Drake Freeride Glide fin that comes with the board offers great performance, especially with bigger sails and lighter winds.

One year ago we criticized the Carve as it required more pressure to initiate a jibe. This year, the board feels much more agile and turns with less effort. Thanks to the great planing abilities of the Carve, fully planing jibes are quite accessible. Even when you lose speed after a jibe, the Starboard gets you planing again very quickly. The great jibing characteristics of this board are particularly well-suited for windsurfers who are practicing their jibe because there is never any rush on a Carve: the rider can focus on feet movement and sail flip, even in choppy conditions.


The Starboard Carve provides an awesome overall performance and feels more agile and maneuverable than the 2013 version. We recommended more experienced windsurfers to sail with footstraps in the most outward position to increase top speed, especially in light-winds, and control. For budget sailors, Starboard also offers the Carve in a cheaper, Tufskin version.

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