Carve 141 Carbon, Windsurfing Jahrbuch (Germany), 2014

The Carves are Starboard’s all-time freeride classic boards. As freeride boards, they are designed to be fast, exciting and fun, while delivering their best performance regardless of rider skill.

The 2015 Carves keep their slimmer shapes and generous length mix performance, wind range and easy planing.

The following test was featured in the 2014 annual edition of Windsurfing Jahrbuch.
A total of 10 freeride boards between 118 and 141 liters were tested. Read more below.

Starboard Carve 141 Carbon: “A stunning overall performance”

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Length: 251 cm
Width: 79.5 cm
Tail Width: 49.9 cm
Weight: 8.00 kg
Volume: 141 liters
Thickness: 12.6 cm
Fin: Drake Freeride Power 46 (Tuttle Box)
Sail range: 6.5m² – 9.5m²

On Land:

The Carve 141 is the classic freeride board by Starboard, targeted to all windsurfers who are looking for a simple “plug & play” board. The Carve 141 is the fourth largest in a 6-board range going from 111 to 161 liters.

This year, Starboard kept their shapes, which were made thinner last year to give more control. The cut-aways were also slightly changed and so were the rails.

As for the footstraps, two rows of inserts with four options are offered for front and back straps. These are screwed with K-9 inserts on standard thickness EVA pads. The board is delivered with a Drake Freeride Power 46 cm long, G-10 fin.


Despite having sometimes up to 20 liters more volume than the smaller boards in this test, the Carve 141 has a very similar performance. When sub-planing, it’s hard to find a more stable board. Beginner and intermediates in particular will appreciate this reassuring sensation. When it comes to planing, the board keeps up well with the other shapes in this group.

Thanks to its width at the front footstrap, the board starts to plane at the smallest gusts. In light wind conditions, the top speed of the Starboard Carve is truly impressive, and when the wind picks up, the board manages to accelerate even more although it can’t keep up with some other boards which are more performance oriented. Actually, the Carve reaches the same speeds as the other boards in this test group on all angles except on the deep downwind course.

In stronger wind conditions, the Carve is always forgiving and controllable. It never loses that comfortable, cushioned planing sensation. If you have the necessary skills, it’s recommended to use the out-board strap option, which will enable the board to reach maximum performance. With this outside footstrap position, you are able to put more pressure on the rail and on the fin and can let the board fly fast above the water.

Compared to the previous model, this Starboard requires less pressure to carves into a jibe and allows for tighter arcs thanks to the narrow tail. The shape supports the sailor while performing powerful jibes, and forgives a wrong weight distribution, giving you enough time to focus on the sail and everything else. The board keeps its speed through the turns and comes out planing. And if the wind stops and you stall, the Carve’s stability will allow you to safely finish the move.


A few boards in this test may feel more loose and a bit faster but the Starboard Carve 141 Carbon impresses with a stunning overall performance. Excellent speed, a huge wind range, control and great jibing performance. A really well done freeride board for light wind days.

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