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Carve 141 Wood, Windsurf (UK), June 2013

This test, amongst many others, was featured in the June edition of Windsurf UK, available by subscription here!

Starboard Carve 141 Wood: “Still a benchmark board in this category”

Length: 251 cm
Width: 79.5 cm
Weight: 8.25 kg
Volume: 141 liters
Fin: Drake Freeride Power 48cm
Sail range: 6.0m² – 9.5m²
Available sizes: 111, 121, 131, 141, 151 and 161 liters


Starboard say their “Plug ‘n Play” Carve range is “fast, exciting and fun, while delivering their best performance regardless of rider skill”. Available in Carbon, Wood or AST Tufskin constructions. You can buy the same outlines as the Carve in their entry-level GO boards in AST Tufskin with added full EVA deck grip.


Outline: Wide rounded nose, fairly straight rails but tail pulled-in radically to a rounded squash tail
Deck: Flat deck with the mast foot sloping slightly forward
Rail Profile: Although thinner than previous seasons, they’re pretty boxy throughout, especially around the front footstrap and mast foot area, but nicely domed for the heels at the back footstrap
Bottom Shape: Quite long flat with a little Vee and some fairly radical tail cut-outs
Rocker Line: Moderate nose rocker


Underfoot: Despite being 250 cm it feels nice and compact and stable off the plane with plenty of float and deck area for easy tacking and uphauling.
Early Planing & Acceleration: One of the earliest on test to get going on most sail types and always feeling like there’s plenty of gas to give.
Top Speed: No problems in this department, the 141 liters can keep its own even against smaller boards, upwind or downwind. Smaller fins could ramp up the top-end potential significantly.
Jibing & Maneuvers: The pulled-in tail helps promote tight carving and varying the arc during turns. Occasionally, the forward rails caught initiating wider jibes but adapted technique and a little effort can prevent this fairly easily.
Handling & Ride: Deals with chop positively. Rides across the top of bumps with a nice ‘floating’ sensation that’s not too ‘up-on-the-fin’ and over lively. A comfortable stance and sailing position with plenty of footstrap options inboard and out and spread for all shapes and sizes.


The Freeride landscape’s changing, but the Carve is still a benchmark board in the category.
It’s a capable, quality product, stable and forgiving enough for first-time shortboarders to grow with and fast and exciting enough for advanced riders looking for a moderate wind blasting option.

RECOMMENDATION: Experimenting with fins could bring further performance benefits across a range of water states.

To find out everything there is to know about the Carves, go to the product page by clicking here!