iSonic 107 Carbon, PlancheMag (France), Feb 2014 [EN-FR]

The iSonics are Starboard’s slalom boards. They are fast racing machines designed for the highest top speeds, the highest average speeds, the quickest accelerations with powerful overtaking abilities throughout a wide wind range. The range itself is designed around the PWA’s three board format: a perfect quiver covering all conditions can be achieved by selecting one board from each of the iSonic’s three size-categories: high-wind, medium-wind and light-wind.

The following test was featured in the 2014 Special Test edition of Planche Mag in February/March 2014! A total of six slalom boards were tested with 7.8m² race sails, in 13 to 30 knots with the iSonic 107 receiving top grades and being awarded the testers’ pick. All boards were tested with the same fin, a Select VMax 2 39 CM.

Starboard iSonic 107 Carbon: “Can’t fault it”

Length: 231 cm
Width: 69.5 cm
Weight / Naked Weight: 6.2 kg / 5.76 kg
Volume: 107 liters
Recommended Fin: Drake Slalom DW 40 Ready to Race (Tuttle)
Sail range: 6.2m² – 8.6m²
Available sizes: 80, 87, 90, 97, 107, 110, 117 and 130 liters.
Available constructions: Carbon and Wood


Slightly thinner this year, the iSonic 107 also is the shortest of the group with a two centimeter deck concave lowering the mast track and a very elaborate bottom shape in the tail, with a deck wider than the hull.

Légèrement plus fine en 2014, la nouvelle iSonic 107 est la plus courte, avec un pied de mât abaissé de 2 cm et un gros travail de carène sur l’extrémité arrière, avec un pont plus large que la surface de carène.

On the Water:

The iSonic 107 is all about effortless glide, thanks to a longitudinal balance which is low enough to prevent nose ups but high enough to ride freely over the water, as well as balanced foot support.

L’iSonic joue la carte de la glisse sans effort, servie par une assiette longitudinale assez basse pour ne pas cabrer et assez haute pour ne pas coller au plan d’eau, avec des appuis pieds équilibrés.

It’s not necessarily the fastest board in particularly difficult conditions but it is probably the most consistent in the different conditions encountered over the course of a season, a day or even a race, especially if choppy waters are involved.

Ce n’est pas forcément celle qui monte le plus haut dans les tours dans les conditions difficiles, mais c’est probablement celle qui reste la plus constante dans les multiples épisodes (vent, plan d’eau) que l’on rencontre sur une saison, une journée ou même une course, surtout si le clapot est de la partie.

It’s not the most playful or the most fun board under the feet but it is one of the most competitive boards for a majority of riders, regardless of their skill level or location, as reflected by the iSonic’s jibe: sober but devilishly efficient to come out planing at full speed.

Ce n’est pas la plus joueuse, la plus fun aux pieds, mais elle reste l’une des planches les plus compétitives pour un maximum de pratiquants, quels que soient le niveau de pratique et les spots. À l’image du jibe, sobre mais terriblement efficace pour relancer au planing.< Verdict:

The iSonic 107 is a reference in this test group: you can’t fault it! Lightweight and insecure sailors will appreciate its safe and reassuring behavior while the heavier sailors will love its unfailing support in wind lulls and replacements. The best for most!

C’est une référence dans ce groupe, car difficile à prendre à défaut. Les légers et ceux qui manquent d’assurance apprécieront son comportement non volage et les plus lourds son appui indéfectible dans les molles de vent et son replacement. La meilleure pour une majorité de personnes!

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