Kode FreeWave 103 Carbon, WIND Mag (France), Apr. 2016

The Kode FreeWave is the fast and versatile board for a broad range of conditions: flat water, chop and waves. Everything is built around a fast rocker with a low nose angle to reduce drag, maximize control and top speed. They come with 2 x Slot Box and one US box, as well as plugs to suit your fin set up: single or thruster.

The following test report was featured in the Mars/April edition of Wind Magazine.

Starboard Kode FreeWave 103Carbon: “The chameleon board”

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Volume: 103 liters
Length: 234 cm
Width: 65.0 cm
Tail Width: 41.4 cm
Thickness: 12.5 cm
Weight: 7.00 kg
Fins: Drake FreeWave 30 (US Box + 2 x Slot Box)
Optional Thruster: MFC TF 20 + 2 x Drake Natural Wave 13
Sail Range: 5.0 – 7.0m²


The Kode FreeWave boasts a moderate outline with an elegant, narrow nose and volume underfoot. The rocker combines a long flat and some tail kick to provide speed and maneuverability in the surf. A new double concave has been added on top of the already existing ‘spiraling Vee’ concept. A new Kode FreeWave 109 is also added to the range for 2016.

On the Water:

The Kode FreeWave 103 feels accessible and compact underfoot, even before it gets planing. The deck is fitted with double-layer pads that are slightly less comfortable compared to the Sponge pads of the past but bring more control and precision. Comfort remains but is more firm than before.

With its Drake FreeWave 30 cm fin, planing and speed are ensured in freeride mode. However, Starboard also had the great idea to include a set of thruster fins. In thruster mode, and in light or gusty winds, getting planing takes a little longer, with slight lag in response. One can feel the the extra drag of the thruster fins which slightly restricts glide.

Properly powered up, the Kode FreeWave flies high above water on its thruster setup while providing amazing directional stability. Speed is comparable to the best in the group, and fin grip allows for a very respectable reach angle, ideal to get back to the peak in wave conditions or simply cruising along the coast. In the surf, the Starboard is accessible with soft, gentle carves that will suit wave novices. The more demanding sailors will require a bit more wind and a bit bigger, cleaner waves to fully exploit his wave riding and carving potential.


The moderate outline of the Starboard Kode FreeWave provides a wide range of accessibility, whether it is to freeride in swell or play in breaking waves. Its do-it-all shape has the advantage of being even more tunable thanks to the fin options provided with the single and thruster fin setups. At 103 liters, the Starboard clearly works as a one board solution for waves, freeride and bump and jump.

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