Kode Wave 77 Carbon, PlancheMag (France), April 2015

The Kode Wave is the signature wave board of two-time World Champion Philip Köster.

They’re fast to get on the plane with a high top end speed, they are the most ideal boards for big airs and double forwards. They just want to boost whether it’s jumping or wave riding, with excellent projection above the lip while being able to spin around it.

The following test was featured in the April 2015 edition of Planche Mag.

Starboard Kode Wave 77 Carbon: “Speed, acceleration and versatility”

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Length: 224 cm
Width: 58.0 cm
Tail Width: 36.9 cm
Thickness: 11.7 cm
Weight: 6.50 kg
Fins: 2 x MB Twinzer 16.5 + US Box Plug (US Box + 2 x Slot Box 13)
Sail range: 3.3m² – 5.3m²
Available Volumes: 72, 77, 82, 87 and 92 liters.


Unchanged for 2015, Philip Koster’s Kode Wave range is the perfect example that twin fin boards are still relevant compared to the current trend of quad and thruster setups. The Kode Wave benefits from a short and curved outline with plenty of nose kick and a double concave.

On the Water:

Propelled by a strong acceleration, the Kode Wave is one of the fastest boards on our test panel. It provides a lot of fin support, with a board that rides high on the water, which allows the rider to get out over whitewater in side-on shore conditions with plenty of speed and acceleration. It goes well over chop, with a slightly stiffer feel compared to other boards in this test. This extra stiffness propels the rider over the sound barrier and onto the ramps with good fin support during take-off.

In the surf, the turns are not as tight as the Starboard Quad or a Tabou. It requires more rail pressure to turn and more engagement from the rider, especially at high-speeds. It has great potential in down-the-line conditions, with a rail-to-rail transition that’s flatter than other boards and the capacity to loose the fins easily.

The main advantage with this Kode Wave is the speed in the surf. It allows you to activate the turbo when needed and reach a section that would have been impossible to make with other boards. However, it becomes a bit more demanding and physical in big, hollow waves.


Real jumping machine, the Kode Wave offers the power of waveboard that has 5 to 10 extra liters but keeps the control and aggressiveness of 77 liter board. It’s not the most fluid when stringing together tight turns but it really sticks out of the lot with its speed and accelerations in small to medium sized waves.


+ Accelerations
+ Speed
+ Versatility Side-Shore and On-Shore
+ Jumping
+ Aggressiveness in the Surf


– Control in Strong Wind and Hollow Waves

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