Kode Wave 83 Carbon, SURF (Germany), November 2015

The all-new Kode Wave will take jumps and waveriding to the air, whether you are starting out in the waves or already have a few PWA World Champion titles like Philip Koster or the Morenos.

The all-new 2016 Kode Waves are now more consistent across the range, with the Vee brought further back into the mono-concave for a smoother initiation of the bottom turn and rail-to-rail transfers. Rails and rockers have also been refined for speed and maneuverability and the sizing denominations have been adjusted.

The following test was featured in the November/December 2015 issue of SURF Magazin.

Starboard Kode Wave 83 Carbon: “The best all-round board for North and Baltic sea conditions”

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Length: 229 cm
Width: 58.5 cm
Tail Width: 37.5 cm
Thickness: 11.6 cm
Weight: 6.35 kg
Fins: 2 x MB Twinzers 16.5 + US Plug (2 x Slot Box 13 + US Box)
Sail range: 3.5m² – 5.5m²
Available Sizes: 73, 78, 83, 88 and 93 liters
Technologies: Carbon and Wood Reflex

On the Water:

The Kode Wave 83 Carbon on test was slightly heavier on the scale than the Starboard quoted weight but that was negligible on the water. As a matter of fact, it felt like the opposite: the Kode gets planing like in a dream, not requiring any effort to get going. It then accelerates in an instant to a very impressive top speed. Get planing, step into the super comfortable footstraps, find a ramp and rotate into the air like World Champion Philip Koster. Simple. And if it doesn’t work, it’s not the fault of the board!

In stronger winds, the Kode Wave rides very freely above the water but needs a bit more rider input (or weight) to control. Thanks to the Starboard development team, the new Kode is now able to maintain huge amounts of speed into the bottom turn, even small, mushy and gutless waves. We were actually surprised by the Kode Wave’s improved waveriding ability. It is also now much easier to hit the lip at 12 o’clock compared to the previous 2015 model. Cutbacks can be tight and radical. But thanks to the rather vertical and square Twinzer fins which can be released early, the new-school riders will whip the tail into takas and slides with ease.

SURF Verdict:

The Starboard Kode Wave is a fun machine for the North and Baltic seas. One of the earliest to plane, with an impressive top speed and improved turning ability while keeping a skatey feel in the cutback.

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