Kode Wave 87 Carbon, PlancheMag (France), Feb 2014 [EN-FR]

The Kode Wave is fast to get on the plane with remarkable top end speed for taking jumps into the stratosphere. The Kode Wave is Philip Koster’s fast, aerial style ‘next-generation’ signature wave board. It just wants to boost whether it’s jumping or waveriding, with excellent projection above the lip along with being able to spin around it. For 2014, the Kode Wave is shorter, making it lighter on the scale and under the feet, as swing weight is reduced.

The following test was featured in the 2014 Special Test edition of Planche Mag where the Kode Wave was tested against 5 other wave boards between 83 and 94 liters. These boards were tested in winds between 15 and 35 knots in Carro, in the south of France.

Starboard Kode Wave 87 Carbon: “More speed, more height, more radical”

Length: 230 cm
Width: 60.5 cm
Weight / Naked Weight: 6.85 kg
Volume: 87 liters
Recommended Fin: 2 x MB Twinzer 17 (2 x Slot Box 4.0 + US Box)
Sail range: 4.0m² – 6.0m²
Available sizes: 67, 72, 77, 82, 87 and 92 liters.
Available constructions: Carbon, Wood and Technora


As the only twin fin board in this test group, the Kode Wave is quite wide under the mast track and under the back foot, with good curves all along. It comes fitted with two rather straight fins and an additional center box is available to convert it to a single fin.

La seule planche twin de cet essai, la Kode Wave présente de bonnes largeurs au pied de mât et sous le pied arrière, avec deux ailerons plutôt droits. Un troisième boîtier central permet de passer en single fin.

On the Water:

The Kode Wave is by far the most explosive under the feet to get planing. It is also one of the fastest in a straight line, from the moment you step on it, until you step off.

La plus explosive sous les pieds pour décoller au planing, la Kode Wave est également l’une des plus rapides en ligne droite. Pas de question à se poser, on monte dessus et l’on est à fond tout le temps.

The Kode Wave’s supersonic speed turns every wave into a ramp and allows you to go extremely high in your jumps. It also delivers strong acceleration in the bottom turn, with a lot of precision in its trajectories.

On arrive à Mach 2 sur les rampes d’envol pour des “altijumps” et l’on accélère très fort au bottom avec beaucoup de précision de conduite.

The Kode Wave can easily produce speed on the wave, which is quite handy in slower waves or in side-on shore conditions but still has the ability to turn extremely tight. It has that extra nitrous under the hood in case your timing isn’t perfect or you simply want to produce tight, radical turns with a lot of speed on the lip.

C’est le top pour créer de la survitesse dans les vagues moins rapides comme dans le side-on shore, avec la possibilité de tourner très court et toujours le turbo prêt à s’enclencher pour rattraper un petit retard et apporter de l’explosivité sur la lèvre de la vague pour tourner sur place.


Those who like (or need) to go fast and have the required technique to handle its energy in the surf will fall in love with this Kode Wave. Its speed and feeling of always being one move ahead of the wave allows to impose your style and rhythm, without ever being out of sync.

Ceux qui aiment se déplacer très vite sur le plan d’eau et qui possèdent le bagage technique nécessaire pour maîtriser cette fougue dans les surfs trouveront cette Kode Wave totalement à leur goût. Sa vitesse et ce sentiment d’avoir toujours un coup d’avance dans la vague pour imposer son style et son rythme. Sans jamais être en retard surtout.

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