Phantom 295, WIND Mag (France), Sep/Oct 2012

All text below is translated from an article published in WIND #369:

Length: 295 cm
Width: 72.2 cm
Weight: 12.79 kg
Volume: 192 liters
Fin: Drake Venom 50 (Deep Tuttle)
Sail range: 5.5m² – 9.0m²

“The Starboard Phantom 295 is a board with daggerboard which is really fun to ride, even when planing”

“We had the possibility of testing the Phantom 295, a hybrid raceboard/funboard for youngsters, launched by Starboard with an 8.5 sail with two cambers. We initially went out in 8 knots, which developed into a steady 5 Beauforts and surprise-surprise… We actually had a lot of fun. Even though the board has a daggerboard, a mast rail and all that other stuff that reminds us of a pure raceboard, the Phantom retains clear funboard characteristics.”

“In good wind, upwind capabilities are there with the mast foot in front, the daggerboard out and locked into a nice railriding position. This is a style we easily forget about in all the planing we usually do, but it feels very rewarding. You may also choose to go upwind with your mastfoot at the back and the daggerboard inside, but its on a reach or downwind where that configuration makes the most sense.”

“The board doesn’t feel cumbersome and feels relatively light under your feet, given its size and weight. When gybing, it feels easy to control, makes this an accessible manoeuvre to anyone, and it does so with reasonable efficiency. For those who’ve saield the Mistral One Design; rest assured its nothing like that – much, much easier. The only negative point one could make is that its length makes itself felt when going upwind through the chop; the Phantom 295 could do with a few more centimetres.”

“All in all, testing the Phantom 295 was a surprising experience, as it is a great board for cruising in winds up to 25 knots, with familiar raceboard sensations at your disposal, but key funboard ingredients as well. Competitive youngsters or simply just people who used to raceboard and who would like to get back out on the water and cruise should definitely look into this board.”

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