Reactor 82 Carbon, SURF (Germany), December 2015

The Reactor. A step forward in waveboard evolution. Create drive through turns and redirect immediately when hitting the lip. Fit into tighter pockets and boost airs easily. The short length, nose width, relatively flat rocker and quad fin setup amount to a unique sensation on the water: unparalleled reactivity.

The following test was featured in the November-December edition of SURF Magazin.

Starboard Reactor 82 Carbon: “Magical surfing feel”

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Length: 212 cm
Width: 59.5 cm
Tail Width: 38.8 cm
Thickness: 12.2 cm
Weight: 6.6 kg
Volume: 82 liters
Fins: 2 x Drake Natural Wave 11 + 2 x Drake Twin Surf 14.5
Fin Boxes: 2 x Slot Box 10 + 2 x Slot Box 13
Sail range: 4.2m² – 5.3m²


The Reactor has a few optical similarities with the former Black Box but reminds us more of a fish surfboard. This extremely short board concept needs more wind to get the wider nose above the planing threshold, but – and that’s the most important fact – it accelerates with the first gust to a good top speed and runs quite free compared to the Reactor 92 which we had on test earlier this year.

Well-cushioned and offering very good control, the Starboard Reactor feels easy and light underfoot when jumping or surfing. The turns are smooth and can be adjusted at any time on the wave through the bottom or top turns. It allows you to ride the critical section of the wave, stay there and adapt the radius of your turns in function of the wave. The cutback has a real skateboard feeling to it; the board slides over the white water easily, which helps for new-school moves like takas or backside 360s or just pure surfing. When the waves get bigger and cleaner, the Starboard carves well, especially on the front foot, but choppy and under-powered sessions are not its favorite conditions.

SURF Verdict:

Maybe a tad too technical for beginners, intermediate and experienced wave sailors will love the Reactor thanks to a great combination of that magical surfing feel and skate style.

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