Reactor 87 Carbon, PlancheMag (France), June 2015

A step forward in waveboard evolution. Create drive through turns and redirect immediately when hitting the lip. Fit into tighter pockets and boost airs easily. The short length, nose width, relatively flat rocker and quad fin setup amount to a unique sensation on the water: unparalleled reactivity.

The following test was featured in the June edition of Planche Mag.

Starboard Reactor 87 Carbon

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Length: 214 cm
Width: 61.5 cm
Tail Width: 39.7 cm
Test Board Weight: 7.0 kg
Volume: 87 liters
Thickness: 12.3 cm
Fins: 2 x Drake Natural Wave 11 + 2 x Drake Twin Surf 150 (2 x Slot Box 10 + 2 x Slot Box 13)
Sail range: 4.5m² – 5.7m²


Extremely compact, this evolution of the Black Box has been shrunk while preserving a rather straight outline behind the front strap and finishing in a swallow tail. Relatively wide around the mast track and much narrower in the tail, the Reactor’s rails have a good amount of tuck all the way to the tail and there is quite a bit of tail kick behind the fins. Fitted with a quad fin setup, it presents fin/footstrap positions that are not positioned as far back as the Fanatic Stubby. It is available in Carbon (tested here) and Wood Reflex constructions.


Gonz – 75 KG: “Planing is average due to our test boards being slightly too heavy. Speed isn’t very impressive either but it goes through chop very well. It is very enjoyable in the surf, with rollers and cutbacks made very easy thanks to the back foot positioned quite far back over the fins. It does require a bit more wind or wave to truly get getting. Despite being slightly less versatile than some classic designs, it remains very accessible and surprisingly good to string together turns on the wave.”

Dirk – 75 KG: “First impression was that it doesn’t go very fast in the straight line but heads upwind quite well. In the jumps, the compact outline is enjoyable and it evens accelerates the rotation of forward loops thanks to the reduced swing weight. In the surf, it grips and turns well despite not being the fastest. For an 87 liter board, it turns very well, and is even capable of very tight turns. It can be sailed on the front or back foot, with the ability to tighten the carve with the help of the back foot. In the top turn, there is a lot more grip than my Black Box 87 and I can use it in waves up to two meter and place a lot of turns on a single wave.”

Stephane – 80 KG: “The Reactor floats well, while being well-balanced and accessible. It is not ideal in long bottoms at full speed but will hold the rail quite well and offers an excellent cutback. What differentiates it from the Stubby in my opinion is its surfing style: softer, with more flow to surf.”

Nicolas – 90 KG: “It gets planing well but definitely not as quickly as my Kode Wave 87. It’s very stable, turns easily and tight. The fins provide a lot of grip in the top turn but the Reactor clearly prefers small turns in small waves. When turning tight, it doesn’t lose an ounce of speed and the rail-to-rail transition is extremely quick. It turns much tighter than my Kode Wave 87, although it is not as radical in the airs. It’s forgiving; it reminds me of a fish with the short length allowing for tight turns.”

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