Reactor 87 UltraCore Carbon, SURF (Germany), December 2016

The new 2017 Reactors, with their shorter noses, new rockers and new insert positions are much faster to move from the niche wave category into the mainstream. Speed mixed with the same magnified ability to exploit the lightest and smallest waves.

The following test report was featured in the December 2016 edition of SURF Magazin.

Starboard Reactor 87 UltraCore Carbon: “Radical waveriding made easy”

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Volume: 87 liters
Length: 215 cm
Width: 61.0 cm
Tail Width: 39.2 cm
Thickness: 12.4 cm
Weight: 6.10 kg
Fins: 2 x Drake Natural Wave 110 + 2 x Drake Twin Surf 145 (4 x Starbox)
Sail Range: 4.5 – 5.7m²
Other Sizes Available: 76, 82, 87, 97, 107, 112


“Twice as fast compared to last year’s model” – that’s how Starboard promotes the new Reactor. It is true that the 2016 model felt a tad slow and the designers have now built a slightly flatter rockerline into the new Reactor. This new rockerline can be felt as soon as you step on the board and get planing. The wide nose, although narrower, still pushes water and disrupts the planing. Once planing, this new Reactor goes definitely faster than its predecessor while feeling more free and keeping speed in wind lulls considerably longer.

It’s only once airborne that you start to feel the ultra compact size of this board. Front and back loops can be rotated through in fast forward. In big, choppy waves, the short length (only 215 cm) combined with the wide shoulders make for a bit bumpy ride in big, rough waves. On the upside, the Reactor can produce all kinds of top turns and makes it easy to hit the lip or under the lip and ride waves in a very radical way. It feels though as if the wide tail prevents it from achieving those really tight turns in the cutback.

SURF Verdict:

The compact-board feeling of this Reactor is unique when jumping or throwing modern waveriding moves like takas or aerials and makes the board an ideal and fun toy for any windsurfer with a decent waveriding level, in small and medium sized waves.

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