Flare 101 WoodCarbon, Windsurfing Jahrbuch (Germany), 2011

Note from Starboard: We found that many of our teamriders achieve their best results with a different fin that we originally supplied the 2012 Flare with. This is why all new 2012 Flares will be issued with the Choco fins Starfish New Radical. Used by Kiri Thode and Dieter van der Eyken, it is a fin that perfectly completes our “freestyle machine” (sic).

On the Beach
The new Flare is identical to its predecessor like a banana trying to be an apple. They’re both windsurf boards, but that is where the comparison ends. Its shape is completely new. Nose and tail are (for a freestyle board) relatively pointy. It comes with a 19.5 CM slot box fin and the pads plus straps are top of the bill. An examination of the shape hints at high speed, easy pop and radical freestyle.

On the Water
Our first impression was spot on. The board is an incredible early planer despite its short fin, runs completely free and has great speed characteristics – the basis for double and triple moves. The board feels relatively small and you feel it’s one centimeter less wide than the other shapes. Thanks to its excellent speed and composed planing characteristics you will maintain enough speed after bending over the sails or sailing switch. So even in tricky conditions, you will be able to launch into your next move. Typically Starboard, the Flare is one of the most responsive boards in the test group. The smallest foot pressure will make it jump and together with its loose and fast sailing characteristics it is one of the most radical boards in the group. Airmoves are its absolute specialty, but it also rotates through all your slidemoves, preferably double ones, although with a little less of a margin for error than the other shapes.

Together with the F2, probably the most radical board for 2012. This fast board wants to do powermoves, and that’s what the judges and the audience on the beach want to see. Light riders will love its pop, and heavier, accomplished freestylers will appreciate its planing characteristics and its suitability for 100% newschool freestyle. A radical tool for tricks that doesn’t appreciate sidestepping mid-slide, while it loves to be thrown around in powermoves. Ideal for pros and those riders who skip their spocks and start working those ponches, loops and konos the minute they know how to ride in the straps.

Length: 231cm
Width: 62.5cm
Volume: 101 liter
Weight: 6.2kg
Fin: 19.5

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