Formula 167 Wide, Jesper Vesterstrøm (Denmark), October 2011

Editor’s note:
Jesper Vesterstrøm is a Starboard Dream Team rider who recently raced his new Starboard Formula 167 Wide at an event in Jervis Bay, South of Sydney, Australia. In the report below, Jesper analyzed the difference between the 2011 Starboard Formula HWR and the new 2012 Formula 167 Wide. Out of six races finished, Jesper won six.

It’s been a while since I stepped on a board where I felt there was a really big change. Boards have always been changed a little really and they have always been going really well – but this time it’s a whole new “Beast” under your feet. I’ve been testing the boards with my 11 and 12 North Warp Formula sails and conditions varied from 6- to 18 knots:

Upwind the new board feels really slick – it takes a bit of getting used to the big tail at first, but once you’re settled, it just makes upwind runs a lot easier and the board for sure has a lot more angle in it, compared to previous models. The biggest difference between the HWR and the new 167 Wide is that you really feel that your stances are a lot further out. Going in super light conditions suddenly became really easy and effortless, and keeping your rig upright in the light stuff is no longer a struggle when the wind really drops. You get on the plane extremely quick compared to the HWR and it glides trough the lulls a lot easier than it used too. In brief, there is a lot less work to be done in the lighter winds.

Downwind is also a big improvement compared to last year’s board. The HWR is really sensititve to fin choice and could be hard to ride at times in real choppy conditions, but the new 167 Wide seems to be sitting a little higher and going downwind is a lot easier. The nose doesn’t catch the waves anymore, but flies over them instead. Another aspect to put in mind for the downwind performance would be the new cut outs, which probably only a few riders noticed. I must admit, never has downwind been easier in strong winds, but this is after you get used to finding where your feet go in without looking down (as it really is a new way of standing). You then find yourself totally relaxed and you can just keep pushing and the board really aims for the deepest angle possible. It’s a very nice little detail for sure.

Overall, the board is Great!!! It flies up and down, however – gybing a board that is that wide… Well, be patient and keep practicing 😀

Good luck all – I am sure you are going to love it…

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