SUPer 10, WIND (France), July 2011


Entertaining and super comfortable

“The SUPer Whopper is extremely wide and long, and quite rare for an SUP, it has a completely retractable daggerboard. Its three plastic fins are flexible. The entire deck is covered with soft EVA padding with a thicker centered area reserved for standing. “

“Paddling this Starboard is a real treat for the beginner, although its additional weight requires a continuous stroke (the additional weight is mostly felt on the beach, not in the water). The different padding in the center allows you to place your feet with your eyes closed. Its excellent stability gives you enough confidence to take another passenger on board, but this board is mainly designed for touring and exploring, not for planing (we didn’t test it in the waves).”

Windsurfing without planing:
“The Whopper is the easiest to get started with from all the boards we tested because of its size and volume. All testers appreciated the feel of the soft deck layer on their feet, especially on and around the daggerboard. Getting into windsurfing is a real joy with a responsive board that reacts on the slightest change in position and a clear turning circle around its mast base lets a beginner grasp the basics of windsurfing quickly. This is the domain in which Starboard shines. With the daggerboard extended, the Whopper can cruise at considerable speeds, and its gybes are fluid and stable.”

“This SUP is a great toy for on the beach and injuring yourself is simply impossible. Responsive and stable, the Whopper SUPer is a great board for discovering the joys of lightwind windsurfing or no-wind SUP-ing.”

Pros: “Comfortable, handling, tacking, gybing, accessibility, light wind”
Cons: “Planing, weight, fins are too flexible”

An interesting extract from the main article:
“The Starboard GO Windsurfer will satisfy the heavier rider and the most performance-oriented ones and does so in great comfort. For a learning experience that the whole family can tune into, the Starboard SUPer 10 is a great way to discover windsurfing in all its simplicity and comfort. Alone or with several people on the board, it’s the most family-friendly option out of these two alternatives.”

Volume/Construction: 168 liters /17kg
Pads/Fins: Integrated padding, Drake SUP 17 us box, + 2 12 mini PB
Daggerboard or centerfin: Daggerboard 55 / Central

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