UltraSonic 147 Carbon, Windsurfing Magazine (USA), June 2011


“This board starts planing if you breathe too hard on the sail.”

Nearly a meter wide, with a powerful 58-centimeter fin, the Starboard hides the fact that it’s about planing punch. Offering a massive sail range all the way up to 12.0, the UltraSonic 147 is about 99 percent of a Formula board – that’s how early it goes. And once it does – oh, boy, you better hold on — this ride is exciting, wild and fast.

What worked: For skilled sailors, the Starboard offered combined performance and control.
What we liked: Gets you up and planing early – fast and easy to control. Point and shoot light wind slalom machine.
Buyer beware: Racing deck that’s designed for expert sailors is a doable challenge for intermediates.
Best suits: Light-air slalom racers who want the trickest stick on the beach.
Other highlights:
Starboard’s quick fix footstraps have numbers to keep adjustments consistent!

“I love the controllable power provided by the crisp rail release and low mass of the Starboard.” – Dan Weiss
Starboard UltraSonic 147 from WINDSURFING magazine

Starboard Ultrasonic
Length: 240
Width: 93
Volume: 147