UltraSonic 147 Carbon, SURF (Germany), July 2014

The all-new UltraSonic is Starboard’s lightwind specialist. In the iSonic family, it is designed to bring high levels of light-wind performance to the masses. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s really fun.

The UltraSonic is all-new for 2015: 2 cm wider at the max width, narrower wetted surface area in the tail, 7 mm thinner and a new rocker line: earlier, easier planing, higher top speed with a more efficient, slippery feel, sharper acceleration in the gusts and a bigger wind range than previously.

The following test was featured in the July edition of SURF Magazin, where the UltraSonic 147 Carbon
was tested against six other light-wind shapes but came out with one of the highest score. Read more below.

Starboard UltraSonic 147 Carbon: “Easy freeride handling with racing performance”

Find out everything there is to know about the UltraSonic here!

Length: 241 cm
Width: 95 cm
Tail Width: 66 cm
Weight: 8.10 kg
Volume: 147 liters
Thickness: 10.7 cm
Fin: Drake Race 58 Ready to Race (Deep Tuttle)
Sail range: 7.8m² – 12.0m²

The UltraSonic 147 Carbon by Starboard offers a truly great mix of easy freeride handling and racing performance. In really light-wind planing conditions, the board is easy to ride and starts planing very early, without any extra effort, and rapidly accelerates to a more than reasonable top-end speed.

However, the Drake Race 58 cm long fin is better suited for sail sizes around 9.2m² rather than 8.5m². For smaller sail sizes, smaller fins are recommended.

Compared to full-on racing slalom boards, the footstraps are easier to reach (especially the back footstraps) and there is less tail width, which allows for more really relaxed light-wind windsurfing… with a lot of potential for speed. When the wind picks up and the sail is full, the UltraSonic has a behavior that reminded us of a Formula board, favoring the upwind reach, with a lot of speed. A smaller fin for those 8.5m² sails and that sensation disappeared quickly.

The UltraSonic isn’t just a blown up slalom board. It is an actual model inside a board group which suits the demands of the “recreational, early-planing windsurfers” very well.

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