UltraSonic 147 Wood, Planchemag (FR), Aug/Sep 2012

The text below is an excerpt from Planchemag #350, in shops now:

“Specifically developed for the very light winds, the words “mini-Formula” come to mind when looking at the Starboard UltraSonic, with its lowered mast rail and a nice thick rail for under your feet. Know that the board will accomodate sails up to 12 meters in size, allowing you to get planing in winds from 8 to 9 knots on. The board is perfectly balanced on the water, feeling stable and on autopilot and allows for upwind angles that are very efficient unusually comfortable with the parallel stance that the wide tail will allow for.”

“The board’s full potential is easier to access than the Exocet in the test, and its nice to ride it slightly of the rail, thanks to a bit of lateral give.”

Starboard Ultrasonic 147 Wood
Length: 240
Width: 93
Volume: 147

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