Windsurfing Holidays reviews the 11'2 x 32" Inflatable WindSUP

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Think windsurfing as it used to be back in the day during the glory years. Cruising around in light winds, throwing down the odd freestyle trick or going for a cruise along the coast. The choice is yours. After windsurfing shot itself in its proverbial elitist foot, this is the next attempt at renaissance for the sport.

“At first it’s a strange feeling to be literally floating around on a bed of air. […]

The centrally located fin helps a great deal with lateral resistance and, in an age when windSUPs are noted for poor upwind performance, it’s refreshing to experience the Starboard tracking well on the pinch. […]

This stick’s forte is in being a versatile light wind beach toy that all the family can use. It’s also a great platform for learning on – offering a super stable board that will allow a beginner to get to grips with the basics of the sport. […]

The truly great thing about the Starboard WindSUP is that you can also use it in SUP mode, meaning you get a bargain 2 sports for one purchase.”

“The obvious benefits of having a neatly folded away bit of kit is that it’s easy to store, transport and travel with on windsurf holidays. […]
If you’re looking for a diverse beach toy that will give the whole family hours of on water fun, then look no further. Accept this kit for what it is and you’ll be making the most of every day at the beach.”

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About the author: Tez Plavenieks is an experienced content guru, journalist, copywriter and blogger who has helmed the international magazine Windsurf, sub edited on SUP International and continues to provide engaging and entertaining copy for a variety of different outlets. To visit his blog, click here.