20/12/2017 | Biggest Motivation in Windsurfing? The Pros’ Answers

In the Starboard Dream Team are many talented riders with great success over the years. What’s their biggest motivation in windsurfing? Is it the progress, the traveling, the the fame or to score an epic session with their best friends? Read as the pros answer below:



Sarah-Quita Offringa:

“What I love most about windsurfing is the sense of freedom it gives you. As soon as I hit the water it also forces me to be in the moment and focus on what I’m doing at that moment. Other than that, I love how versatile the sport is. There are different disciplines that require different skills and it all just adds to all the fun to be had with windsurfing!”

Boujmaa Guilloul:

“What drives me in windsurfing? Now I am more driven by the sport, to travel around the world and score some solid windsurfing in decent spots and countries. Meeting people from all around the world that always teach me something new about life. I guess overall what drives me in windsurfing is knowledge, to gain more. The more I know, the more I want to know.”

Iballa Moreno:

“What I like most about windsurfing is that everyday is like a first day. Searching for the best conditions to have fun with friends. A great lifestyle going to sleep watching the weather forecast and dream about next day´s conditions. And even when wind and waves are not as great, it´s still nice to be in the water and enjoy it. Because everyday we learn something new. I always say that the worst session is the one you didn’t have. So it´s always motivating to enjoy windsurfing and do a fun and healthy sport.”

Photo: Gwen Marché – FuerteLuzProject

Chris Pressler:

“Windsurfing has always been a lifestyle for me. Windsurfing connects me with nature, people and let me explore new places. I probably wouldn’t have travelled to Alaska, Peru, Argentina, Western Sahara, Venezuela, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam or many other places without windsurfing. On the water I probably love the gliding and carving most about windsurfing; the glide with small fins and the carve with well shaped rails in waves. And a day with a 4,0 sail and a 80 liter wave board is the cherry on the cake.”

Phil Soltysiak:

“I love many aspects of windsurfing; competing, training, travelling. What I think keeps me coming back to the water every day is the search for that perfect session, where you’re on the water in a great place. Everything is going your way, you’re in the zone and you’re sharing it with a couple of your best friends. That’s unbeatable.”