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The Drake Slalom/Freeride harness is a hybrid waist and seat harness, evenly distributing the load to your legs, butt and back. Ideal for riders who are seeking for speed, freeriding, slalom or racing. Used by Delphine Cousin, Tristan Algret and Matteo Iachino.

Also suitable for riders with back pain as the distribution points reduce the lateral forces on the hip and back.

With the injection-molded back support and the six distribution points going through the legs and waist, the rider is offered a highly responsive yet maneuverable feel, while letting the rider focus on speed rather than control.

If you’re seeking more speed, place weights in the vertical pockets on the back of the harness. The pockets are neatly hidden behind the 3D-molded support to not affect the comfort or sensations against your back. Add weights for speed, remove them for freeride.

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"It's the solution to be more comfortable and efficient in strong winds and choppy conditions. The Drake harness helps me to be more flexible on the legs and pass the chop more easily.

It's also a huge revolution to limit back pain! Especially recommended for tall riders. I use it with my small sail sizes: 5.2m², 5.7m² and 6.2m² and my iSonic 90."

- Tristan Algret
"It perfectly combines protecting my back like a seat harness but leaves the freedom of the legs of the waist harness! It's very effective in strong winds too."

- Delphine Cousin
"It's a strange harness: not a seat harness but not a waist harness.

It doesn't look very good and doesn't feel very good either when you are walking on the beach as it creates a strange angle that pushes in the middle of your back but as soon as you get in sailing position, it adapts to your body position.

The pressure is nicely distributed on the whole back and butt, not only one point."

- Matteo Iachino
"What I like most about the Drake harness is the back support. I can sail for hours and never get pain!

It's a great combination of waist and seat harness. Perfect for Formula Windsurfing too!"

- Gonzalo Costa Hoevel
"The Drake harness is a fantastic evolution in terms of performance enhancement and aerobic economy: it helps all slalom and freeriders to coordinate the levers of their lower body in an optimal way and to enter in a world of board control.

This harness will let you experience what the top PWA racers are doing with their abdominal muscles, hips and legs to push their board to their limits while limiting the aerobic and anaerobic energy consumption normally associated with this kind of muscle recruitment.

Another strong point of this harness is that it maintains and supports the natural physiology of your spine curve and optimizes load point distribution in your back."

- Jean-Jacques Rivet, Head of Biomechanics for European Pro Golf Tour.