Introduction – A Wonderful Sport


Windsurfing is a wonderful sport.

Every time you hear the trees bending in the breeze, when you're rigging your sail and fitting in your fin, that excitement around windsurfing doesn't fade.

Every day is a new opportunity to improve your level. Windsurfing is exciting; discovering and progressing is what makes it addictive.

Today, I'm learning to foil jibe and I'm counting each foil jibe I can complete without touching down. I also remember the joy of completing the first one. It's the same as when I completed my first jibe at age 10, then the first planing jibe after that.

At Starboard, it's a pleasure and an honour to work on the equipment that we hope will help many windsurfers learn and progress, discover new sensations and enjoy many firsts.

The first sensation of gliding with the wind, the first maneuvers, the first jibes, the first jumps and the first forward loops; perhaps this year is the year you will fly on a foil for the first time, or enter your first race on an iSonic, or get kids planing for the first time on the ProKids UltraKode; whichever will be your first, whatever your level, wherever you windsurf, we hope you enjoy it just as much as we have enjoyed putting together our new product range.




Tiesda You

Designer | Brand Manager