29/12/2017 | Happy New Year from Taty Frans!

Hi All,
It’s been a long 2017 journey. It started great and I was getting into the racing/slalom vibe. Unfortunately I got into a collision in Fuerteventura that put me out for the rest of the PWA and windsurfing season.



Mentally it was harder than physically. I knew I was badly injured. Getting a blood infection made it worse, but the will to walk and windsurf again, added with the support of the whole world, motivated me to stay strong. I got the strength to fight and get back up again. It was amazing how I daily received hundreds of encouraging and positive messages from all over the world.


It toke a while for me to walk properly, but once I was back in the gym and receiving physic treatment it all felt like everything was healing/recovering quicker.
I went for a quick visit to Colombia early December and received blood plasma treatment. The doctor said I had to keep the leg moving and stay in the gym and doing the fysio work out. That would help to give the harmstring the work it needed so I could begin to windsurf again.


That last sentence was just what I needed to hear.


So now I am doing it all: windsurfing at least 2-3 hours a day of foiling, slalom and some freestyle. Besides that I have a personal fitness program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And fysio on Tuesday and Friday.


I´m looking forward to the PWA season and I i believe I will be ready.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the world and thank you again for all the support.


– Taty Frans
Photos by: Lorenzo Mittiga