10/04/2018 | Interview – Rider of the Week: Sebastian Kördel

Our Rider of the Week is Sebastian Kördel from Germany. He is a well known name in the slalom racing. He loves the iSonic and his Mercedes Sprinter. Lives in Tarifa and dreams of becoming World Champion. Read the interview we did with this talented racing machine below.



How did you get introduced to windsurfing?

When I was seven years old I used to sail in these very small beginner boats at the lake of Constance. The boats in this optimist class don’t really sail fast and every time when the wind picked up I saw the windsurfers having more fun. I wanted to go fast too, so my dad bought some windsurf gear and taught me the basics.


How was your 2017 season and what are your plans/goals for 2018?

The last season was characterized by a little dent of performance in the middle of the season. I had a brilliant winter training in Tarifa and came into the first events very strong. It’s a shame we couldn’t finish the winner final in South Korea as I qualified for the final. Still I got a good results in Japan, Costabrava and Fuerteventura. In the two months that followed leading up to the next event I kind of lost my form and finished bad in Denmark and Sylt. After that my goal of breaking into the top ten was almost out of reach. I needed to gain some serious points compared to my rivals at the last tour stop in New Caledonia. I looked at what went wrong and decided to go back to Tarifa and dig my head deep in training for another month before the last world cup. In the end it was super close, but my fifth place in New Caledonia lifted me into the top ten. My goals for 2018 are simple: Further improve my ranking and keep having fun!



Are you foiling a lot? Other disciplines?

Yes I’m foiling a lot and it’s a blast! I helped with the development of the foil boards and I’m pretty sure we have the best board and foil combination out there to make 2018 our foil year. In the past I was successful in Formula racing with an European title and a Vice World title, so I really look forward to using my tactical knowledge in the foil races on the world tour next year. Besides that, I occasionally hit the waves whenever there is a good forcast here in Tarifa. However, that is only recreational.


How does a week of training look like for you?

In Tarfia you can get on the water almost every day. Then I have three gym sessions a week for about two hours. I also do some yoga. In the months directly before the PWA season starts we have race training on the water with a boat and four marks which takes place depending on wind condition, but mostly two times a week.


Who do you sail most with?

The crew here in Tarifa who I always line up with are Ben van Der Steen, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel and Ludovic Jossin.



Biggest dream?

Becoming PWA World Champion.


How do you prepare for a day full of races during a World Cup?

I try to get a good night of sleep and be on the beach in time to prepare everything without too much stress. It’s also super important for me to keep a good nutrition during the day. I don’t like to race hungry, but also not super full. So light food with lots of energy.


Favorite board and sail?

That always changes from year to year, but for the moment it’s the Isonic 87 with 6.4 in strong winds.


Favorite spots in the world?

Tarifa! That’s why I spend so much time here. I like the variety of conditions, the waveriding spots close by and the nature here. But I must say that I enjoy the racing in New Caledonia and on Fuerte a lot too.



Other hobbies?

I like to play some basketball whenever there is an opportunity with a few guys. I also picked up playing the guitar like half a year ago. I really enjoy that after a long day on the water to calm down. I used to go skiing a lot because my parents live close to the alps, but there is hardly any time for this anymore.


Favorite car?
Well that’s for sure the Mercedes Sprinter I drive around with now. That really is a beast and fits all my needs as a pro windsurfer.


Favorite food?

I love to eat almost anything if it’s freshly made from high quality raw ingredients.


Music you listen to before sailing?

If I want to get pumped “The Glitch Mob” always works for me.


Best advice to get more people into windsurfing?

We must work on the popularity of the sport. More people must know that our beautiful sport exists and we have to show them how much fun it is!



What do you like about the Starboard boards?

Starboard was always at the forefront of performance. When I was growing up following the racing there were some years that you could only see guys on Starboard on the podium. On top of that I love the ease of sailing on those boards. You just jump on one of the iSonics and you feel comfortable and fast right away. Ready to push your limits!