13/01/2018 | A New Shining Star – Lennart Neubauer

We had a chat with our talented team rider Lennart Neubauer. He is only 13 years old and can already do most of the moves in freestyle windsurfing.



You just competed in the PWA Youth Almerimar. How was the competition? Was it just fun or also some nerves involved?

The competition worked out really good for me. I combined fun with beeing focused on my heats. After this competition, I improved my wave riding and the wave moves, but also freestyle moves, in the waves. The first 3 days we had no wind. Every day I rigged my slalom sails early morning, but unfurtunatly it was never enough wind for slalom heats. On day 4 it was too wavy for slalom, so slalom was cancelled and wave competition was on. For me it was a bit disappointing that the wind at that time hadn’t become that strong. The judges decided to count only 2 waves and no loops or jumps.
Most of the other riders came from Spain, but also some came from Denmark, Germany, Holland and Italy. I met some new friends and that’s always the best part of competitions.
It was a lot of fun in the water, but outside, before the heats it was quite exciting for me. First time PWA-feeling and first time ever in a wave competition. It was all new for me. I learned a lot and definitly I want to do that again. Happy for my 1st place.



What is your biggest motivation in windsurfing?

Freestyle helps me a lot to stay motivated, because every new move i try to learn is like a new challenge. And when you finally land a new move, it’s the biggest motivation you can have.


Who is your biggest windsurfing idol?

At the moment myt biggest windsurf idol is Jacobo Testa, because of his style and how consistant he is landing the moves in competitions. He impressed me a lot.


Where are you training through the year?

This year I went training in Tarifa. And in the easter I will train on Bonaire in the Caribbean again. From middle of June to middle of September I have school holidays and I train at my home spot Naxos. End of June I want to go to Lanzarote to train on port tack and to compete in the EFPT (European Freestyle Pro Tour). I really hope to get a wild card for PWA Fuerteventura, so I can train there for the first time and compete in my first PWA freestyle event. I´m also dreaming of PWA making a freestyle Youth event there.


Who are you sailing most with?

In the winter, when I train at home, I´most of the time sailing with local rider Manolis Orfanos.



How do you learn your moves so fast, what is your secret?

It is a mix of everything. I watch a lot of videos and I train many hours a day if there is wind. I repeat the moves over and over all summer long. Stamatis Promponas (StamPro) is around me and gives me tips and tricks and motivates me a lot as well.


Which discipline is your favorite?

My favorite discipline is first freestyle, then wave and then slalom. Slalom is especially fun when there is a competitions.


Your biggest windsurfing dream?

Become World Champion as soon as possible.


Why should other kids your age start windsurfing?

I think a lot of kids should use the chance to try windsurfing because I promise that it´s worth. It´s a great feeling of freedom on the water. You forget your problems, you meet other kids and windsurfers from all over the world. You improve foreign languages and you travel to different spots which is also a great thing. Windsurfing just makes you happy!