Ocean Friendly Initiatives

No doubt, as a manufacturer, Starboard is a polluter. But we can transform our overall net impact into a positive by working hand-in-hand with innovative eco-partners. Our goal is to shape ocean-friendly initiatives and discover alternatives methods and materials.


In the 2017 model year, our company’s carbon footprint was about 3,600 tons - caused by our products’ raw materials and assembly and from our team’s extensive air travel. However, with the one mangrove for each board sold policy, we planted 81,500 mangrove trees in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar, absorbing 81,500 tons of CO2 over the next 20 years, arguably making our overall impact net positive many times over.

By analyzing Starboard’s carbon footprint we can transfer our focus into areas where there is need for improvements.


We have pioneered the transition to bio-resin in all our boards (with the exception of 3DX and Inflatables) two years ago. Conventional resin uses petroleum oil as a base while bio-resin has between 38% and 51% of its content derived from plant and vegetable matter while maintaining a high performance laminate.

By using bio-resin we can fast forward the movement of using more renewable resources and contribute to a more sustainable industry.


Daggerboards and fins used in our progression boards are transitioning this year into recycled nylon made partly from recycled fishing nets discarded from fishing villages.

The recycled Nylon, also known as Akulon, has the added benefit of being significantly stronger and stiffer than traditional, virgin nylon plastic.


Every minute 1 million water bottles are produced around the world. A vast majority of these end up in landfills, taking approximately 400 years before decomposing completely.

By turning the wheel in the opposite direction, we can utilize these bottles in products. Chopped into flakes, washed, melted and extruded into yarns, these bottles are spun into a fabric.

All our 2018 board bag’s outer skin are made from recycled plastic bottles. The smaller bags represent approximately 30 bottles, while the bigger ones represent approximately 60 bottles.


All 2018 Drake Deluxe and Slick footstraps, delivered with our wave, freestyle and freeride boards, now have a top cover made from recycled plastic bottles.


In collaboration with Parley and their A.I.R strategy, we introduce the combined package and bag for all of Starboard's apparel. By peeling off the pre-punched perforation this package easily becomes a bag, reducing the need for plastic bags in stores.

We've also removed the plastic from our board packaging: bubble-wrap, plastic dust bags and styrofoam blocks have been replaced with honeycomb and corrugated cardboard to further reduce plastic consumption.